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Author:  Amin [ Sun May 22, 2011 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Guest Hosting on the Podcast

Hey all. I thought I'd post the information in this in one place, for anyone interested in being on a podcast episode.

There are two ways we have guest hosts on our podcast:

On one side, sometimes we actively select and contact potential hosts and ask them to come on the show. This is rare but happens, mainly when we invite hosts that run major ASOIAF book series websites, produce licensed ASOIAF/GOT products (e.g. FFG), or run major GOT websites. If you fall under this category and are interested in being interviewed by the podcast, email us at staff@podcastoficeandfire.com, with Interview Request included in the subject title.

But the majority of our guest hosts actually come from our listeners and fans, who send in a request to guest host with us following the process below.

Over the past five years of podcasting, the sheer volume of listener guest requests has increased dramatically. What used to be one request a month has turned into several requests a week. We try to get as many listener guest hosts as possible, but honestly we cannot include every request and even when we do get someone on the show, the wait can be weeks or months at a time. This is due to scheduling constraints and time zone issues. That being said, we have had an incredible amount of guest hosts so far (76 total people have been on the podcast over the first 95 episodes).

If you are interested in being a guest, please follow this process:

    1. Send a single email request to staff@podcastoficeandfire.com, with the words Guest Request included in the subject title.
    2. Include an audio clip of approximately 30 seconds – 2 minutes, explaining how and when you got into the books and the podcast and why you want to guest host.
    3. Include your time zone and general availability schedule in the email, forum name if you have one, and your Skype username.
    4 Use something more than the built in microphone in your laptop. Even a $10 headset will be enough to ensure decent audio quality for the episode you are on. Decent headset (headphones + mic) for cheap price:

Interested in podcasting with our hosts and other fans about ASOIAF and many other topics? Check out the Bastards of Kingsgrave and the Vassals of Kingsgrave!

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