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How to post youtube videos & other useful forum posting info
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Author:  Amin [ Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  How to post youtube videos & other useful forum posting info

Topic for this info

Alias wrote:
To embed a youtube video on to the site (without having to go to youtube to watch), take the code at the end of the video url and put it between [youtube][/youtube] short code. You can also click the "YouTube" button in the list of post options to automatically create this code.

Helpful, albeit small, image (due to width limit on the site).


Author:  Amin [ Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to post youtube videos & other useful forum posting

Shellfish wrote:

Here's a guide to using thumbnails on the forum:

The forum only allows for pictures up to 800 pixels wide and 1500 high to be posted. This is far too small for certain types of large images, such as maps or comic strips. Rather than using a simple text hyperlink to the larger off-site image, you can opt for a far more eye-catching thumbnail. A thumbnail is essentially an image that produces a link as you click it.

To post a thumbnail, you will need links to two images. The larger image you wish to display, and the smaller, forum-sized thumbnail to serve as the clickable hyperlink. Ideally the smaller picture should be a resized or cropped version of the original larger image.

For example, I might wish to showcase a large and illustrious map of Westeros, using the continent's most recognizable features as the thumbnail.
Start off like you would when posting a normal link, with the short code [url][/url]. (You can either type this yourself, or use the URL button in the upper right corner of the post options.)
Insert the link to the large image inside the first brackets, after "url" followed by an equals sign.

Then insert the thumbnail as a normal image link in between the two bracket gates in the url, as you would when naming a normal text based link.

And there we have it.


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