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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What am I listening to?

A: Don’t panic.  If you were looking for a panel of American Literature professors with encyclopedic knowledge, you’ve found the wrong podcast.  Exit cautiously.  But if you can handle some lowbrow humor and giggling, we hope that you stick with us and learn to love the Manwoody.

Q: How do I listen to the older episodes?

A: The RSS feed contains the most recent 20 episodes. Older episodes may be downloaded from the download page.

Q: I’d like to join you for an episode.    How can I become a guest host?

A: Please read the forum topic: guest hosting on the podcast.

Q: How can I contribute to the podcast and tell you how wrong you were about something?

A: Join our forums! Or leave us a voicemail at 909-APOIAF-9 [(909)-276-4239] for us to include in a future episode. Fill out a podcast feedback survey.  Don’t be afraid to give our Facebook and Twitter some love too.  Or hate.

Q: I have listened to every episode and just can’t get enough of your podcast! Help me?

A: Check out our illegitimate, offshoot podcast, the Bastards of Kingsgrave! Also check out the listener run Vassals of Kingsgrave!


Interview & Special Guest Episodes*


  • Fantasy Flight Games: Episode 92 (AGOT 2nd edition board game), Episode 103 (Days of Ice and Fire), Episode 128 (AFFC & ADWD variants), Episode 134 (AGOT card game)
  • Westeros.org (Elio & Linda): Episode 88, Episode 37
  • Winter is Coming (Phil, Susan, Marko, FaBio): Episode 32, Episode 97, Episode 43, Episode 40
  • Tower of the Hand (Alex): Episode 45
  • Atlus – Game of Thrones RPG (Aram & Scott): Episode 70
  • Inn at the Crossroads (Chelsea & Sariann): Episode 79, Episode 58
  • Beyond the Wall (Alyssa Rosenberg,  Brent Hartinger, Susan Vaught): Episode 83, Episode 84, Episode 86
  • A Flight of Sorrows (Amin & Mimi): Episode 89, Episode 122
  • Boiled Leather (Stefan Sasse & Sean T. Collins): Episode 98
  • Sourcefed (Trisha Hershberger): Episode 139

*Note that many guests have appeared in other episodes; these are the episodes with their first introduction and/or dedicated to their relevant website or topic.

Podcast Terminology

To suggest new terminology or see a larger list of terminology/theories, check out the forum post here or fanart here.

  • Martin Genetics – The laws of genetics present in Martin’s world, derived by Amin and Mimi. Generally this term is used in reference to Baratheon black hair and ‘lusty’ gene, Stark, Tully, and Targaryen looks, as well as the Targaryen ‘two sides of the coin’ situation. It can also deal with the effects of incest in Martin’s world.
  • Manwoody - House Manwoody is an old Dornish noble house in the series that has is mentioned, but currently irrelevant in the storyline.  Upon discovering that such an awesomely named House exists, the podcast has proudly taken up its banners.  Manwoody rules over Kingsgrave, a full sentence that portrays ‘badassery’ and hilarity at the same time.   Note: the current heirs to the House are named Mors Manwoody and Dickon Manwoody.
  • Blackwoody - House Blackwoody is a noble house that descends from a younger son of House Manwoody who took a Summer Islander as his wife. Blackwoody is also the term coined by Ashley in reference to our podcast’s sometimes black sheep status in fandom.
  • San/San - A popular terminology among ASOIAF shippers, and frequently referenced by Ashley 1, this refers to the idealized relationship pairing between Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane.
  • King Tommen - Our nickname for our former one-time host, Ben, who greatly resembled the child king of Westeros.  And might have died when a tree fell on his house, partly fulfilling Maggy the Frog’s prophecy.
  • Creaking Door – A reference to Aeron Damphair Greyjoy’s childhood flashback of “the scream of a rusted iron hinge” tied into his fear and hatred for Euron Crow’s Eye.  It has been theorized that his memory of a creaking door suggests nightly visits from his older brother.   This crackpot theory has been distilled down to a general catch-all for describing creepy, sexual behavior (e.g. Aaron’s comment on Littlefinger’s motivations towards Sansa: “he’s gonna be creaking that door.”) Another podcast reference to the creaking door was Aeron’s sneaking into Aegon’s room at night to threaten making him into his sister and marrying ‘her’.
  • Cersei’s Cameltoe – Discovered during our “Cover Art Critique” episode, and impossible to unsee: the Croatian cover for A Feast For Crows.  Zoom into Cersei’s nether regions if desired.
  • Booby-trapped saddle (or else booby-sapped traddle) – What happens when a new Game of Thrones viewer/non-reader gets confused by plot intricacy and obtains access to Twitter.  The roughly paraphrased tweet: “Catelyn took Tyrion hostage because he gave her son a booby-trapped saddle!”  The idea that Tyrion would commission a saddle that is rigged to eject Bran off his horse is both brilliant and seductive, and gained immediate appreciation in our podcast.



APOIAF Statistics

As curated by Bryden, noted Podcast Historian

Summary of APOIAF stats, as of the end of 2012:

  • Number of released episodes: 96 (official number is 95 but episode 3 was released in 2 parts)
  • Number of different people appearing on the show: 76
  • Maximum number of hosts without call-ins: 9
  • Maximum number of people in one show (with call-ins): 18 (Ep. 80) including 5 regular hosts and 13 call-ins (that is also the episode with the most call-ins)
  • Minimum number of people in one show: 2 (Ep. 51)
  • Official hosts with most appearances:
    1) Amin – 78 / 81%
    2) Mimi -  72 / 75%
    3) Ashley – 60 / 62%
    4) Kyle – 50 / 52%
  • Official host with least appearances: Ben with 3 appearances
  • Guest host(s) with most appearances: Elio Garcia (8), Apocalypse Dan (6), Christina (6)
  • The longest released episode was 03 hours 25 minutes (Ep. 80 – Blackwater), the shortest only 23 minutes (Ep. 11).
  • On average, an episode is 01:34 min long.
  • All episodes together would be at the moment (after 96 episodes) 8977 min or 6.23 days long.
  • The longest hiatus was 266 days (between ep. 32/33) – the shortest zero days (between quite a few episodes), on average the podcast realeases a new episode every 18 days.
  • Most episodes released on one day: 3 on 2012-12-20 (episodes 93, 94, 95)


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