A Hiatus of Podcasters


Also, why you should read the Song of Ice and Fire series.

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  1. mimi

    wow, what a beautiful video thumbnail. THANKS YOUTUBE. i really am casterly rock with red hair.

    also, i enjoy how i contradicted myself in under 2 minutes. good job, mimi. for clarification: there will be no new episodes relating to ADWD during the hiatus. however, we might push out an old recording that’s still sitting around on my hard drive.

  2. oic

    Theres too much
    “Word is Wind”
    “You know nothing” in inappropriate moments

  3. Christina

    As a fellow Asian who also suffers from a big face, I feel your pain sister.

  4. mimi


  5. ablaaa

    Nice boobage, love the hair.

  6. Dani

    ohmygod, mimi, i freaking love you. you are way to cute.

    by the way…my husband was in the room and he said “what? no manwoody for a while?!?” he’s too cute too.

    anyway…enjoy the book! whoohoo! see you all on the other side!

    -Dani BOOX

  7. Mike

    Can’t wait to hear the first post ADWD podcast. U were not around for afwc so it will be neat.

    Your face isn’t to big Mimi. Your beautiful the way you are. Besides.. It’s not your face I was looking at.

    No, not that. It was your hair. Redheaded mongols ftw!!!

  8. mimi

    it occurred to me that i might actually not be present for the first post-ADWD podcast episode. i’m off to asia in about two weeks after the book release!

  9. pjstwo

    so we may been in for an old-school APOIAF hiatus. ill be up for a discussion over pictionary some time next week if you kids who finish are getting antsy

  10. mimi

    we can draw all the spoilers.

    it’s my sincere hope that the podcasters will continue to publish episodes in my 4 week absence. maybe i’ll find a way to join in on a episode, if chinese big brother isn’t watching.

  11. Revanjames

    “Your face isn’t to big Mimi. Your beautiful the way you are. Besides.. It’s not your face I was looking at.

    No, not that. It was your hair.”

    Speak for yourself.

    Love the podcast, been listening for 7 months now and am going to get involved in the forums soon. I love Mimi, Kyle and Larry.

    I’m looking forward to your dance with dragons review podcasters. laters.

  12. Jeremy

    Happy reading, everyone!

  13. Sebastian

    Thanks for the latest episode and see you all when we’re done reading (tomorrow afternoon, right?!)

  14. mimi

    i can’t believe you’ve watched this video 785 times, kyle.

  15. Josh

    mimi’s so hot

  16. tom

    i hate pretty people complaining about themselves looking not soo good..

    but anyway i looking forward to the next podcast

  17. Revanjames

    It’s even worse when ugly people do it – you can’t reassure them then.

  18. Jason

    Holy Shit. Congrats on finishing. I need to finish soon.

  19. Eric

    what happened to this video? I need to explain this to my friends!

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