Call-In Show

Hi everyone!  To everyone’s surprise and dismay, the Podcast of Ice and Fire will be experimenting this weekend in this form of a call-in show.  We’ll need your participation to reach maximum sexiness levels.  This one will be a What If? episode, volume two.  We have some questions submitted, but hopefully we can get some live guests in to ask questions (and fact-check like bastards).

The show will be recorded on Sunday, August 16 at 11:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Central/2:00 PM Eastern. If you want to be included, please send us your Skype username via the contact bar on the right side of the website.  We will invite you in to participate during live recording on Sunday.

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  1. I am guessing you mean August 16 ;) .


  2. mimi

    i reel gud at d8s.


  3. Sam

    Yay, i participated in the recording even though i was competely surprised by it. I open up my computer and seconds later get a message on skype: “PODCAST!”


  4. Anonymous

    can’t wait to hear the latest


  5. Big Sam

    I am pissing myself with excitement for the new Podcast. Really cant wait I listen to you guys when I am at work and I seriously love everything about the show. Mimi is my favorite because I often agree with her (I also agree with Amin most of the time but Mimi beats you out as my favorite with sexy points sorry dude) then Chase because he is so pissed off all the time which reminds me of myself. I don’t agree with Ashley 2 all that often but she is gorgeous so its all good. Keep up the good work everyone love the show!


  6. James

    l always enjoy the podcast.
    However I wish you would go back to the re-read, I was using it to get ready for the infamously difficult 5th book and you always spotted things that I hadn’t considered. Admittedly that was mainly because your observations were mental, but always interesting….


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