Cooking with A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Ashley of A Podcast of Ice and Fire attempts to cook Cheese and Onion Pie from A Feast of Ice and Fire, a cook book written by the authors of The Inn at the Crossroads.


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  1. Josh

    lol This is awesome, gj Ashley. Are the rest of the podcast doing this?

  2. Love your hair BTW

    You are cracking me up, even if I want to grab the knife from you, especially when you use it to crack the eggs. Singing rocked, well, it was funny. And yes, Bulk Barn FTW! Suck it USA, you can’t have our Bulk Barn 🙂

    You know you were using liquid measuring cups rather than dry, which makes a big difference, right? But that didn’t seem to mess you up much 🙂

    Pear Brandy, my father in law had a bottle for years of apple brandy, they tied glass bottles over the branches of an apple tree so the apple would grow inside. When it was ripe it was filled with brandy, and he has had this thing forever. I can’t wait till he finishes it so I can try some of that apple.

    Saffron is used to make piea(I have no idea how to spell it, but Spanish Yellow Rice) and it’s used in aa lot of baking but like you since it’s so expensive I never buy it. My friend in sweden tells me it’s dirt cheap there and she uses it as a food dye because it’s cheaper than buying food dyes, seriously.

  3. Fishsticks

    Another great video contribution Ashley.
    Once again you had me loling a few times. Maybe a suggestion for when you make a lemoncakes edition. List the ingredients and oven time and temperature. I had a hard time keeping up with what you were working on.
    Good stuff.

    Holy Moly! 18 hours is a hell of a nap.

  4. Ash

    I”m convinced the one negative view on youtube is from the actual girls at the crossroads for butchering their recipe so badly.

    at least that’s what i tell myself as i stare at that one little red mark everyday.

  5. Turgon

    This was quite entertaining. Thank you lol!

  6. jesicka309

    I haven’t actually watched this video…. but I felt bad that you didn’t have as many comments as the other posts. 😀 Good stuff for doing this though! 😛

  7. FTWard

    Ashley –
    I tried to Amazon you some Saffron but apparently they frown on shipping herbs across the border and they would not let me.

    Looking forward to more of these but your knife work is terrifying.

    Shameless attempt add to the comment count.

  8. brynden

    Hi Ashley,
    I now had enough time. It seems you had a quite good time and fun. Looks great and thanks for your effort.

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