Episode 103: Days of Ice and Fire

Episode 103 for the week of April 14th, in which we talk about our experiences at Days of Ice and Fire. In a rare spoiler free episode (except for all aired HBO episodes), we include an interview with Jason Walden, FFG Game Producer about A Feast for Crows, the upcoming print on demand expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game.

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  1. jesicka309

    Enjoyed this episode, short and sweet! Listening to the talk about the expansions etc. makes me wish SO BAD that I had this game and nerdy friends to play it with.
    Great work Amin! And I’m sure House Manwoody would have killed that trivia had there been a fairer trivia system. 🙂

  2. Alias

    Was interesting and I hope you all enjoyed your time at the convention as much as you seemed to. <3 I would pick up the game and expansions in a heartbeat if I had folks to play with.

  3. FTWard

    Was a great weekend and really enjoyed the expansion and the entire event at FFG.

    Wish we had thought to organize better for the trivia contest.

    Can’t wait top play AFfC more and already looking forward to next year.

    Only wish we had recorded more as a lot of great conversation was missed. “We should have been recording all that.” was a familiar refrain all weekend.

    Great Moon Buffet appreciated your endorsement Amin 😉
    Mimi is always welcome at the Ward house as well…

  4. brynden

    Thanks for the episode – nice to get a glimpse from this surely great convention. Interesting talk with Mr. Walden, even though I do not know the game as well as Amin and FTWard. It would be awesome if an episode about the cardgame could happen, now that I have it I would appreciate it even more.

    Keep us updated.

  5. LordManderBlee

    Really great, always love hearing about FFG stuff and the games and the mods and stuff. Plus the extensive analysis is great. Thanks for another really good one!

  6. Mordion

    Great episode, I’m almost glad you guys don’t do more episodes about a product, because it always seems to lead to me having to buy more stuff. 😉 I was a little disappointed that the expansion is only going to be available in print on demand though. I enjoyed the tactical discussion too, though I haven’t played quite enough to get the most out of it.

  7. Dr.H.Lecter

    Great interviews, even if they were lacking in length. 😉

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