Episode 100: The Queenmaker

Episode 100, for the week of March 17th, in which we celebrate our podcast’s five year anniversary! We celebrate by playing Kyle’s match that Roy Dotrice voice game and by doing our own epic reading from The Queenmaker chapter in A Feast for Crows, inspired by Vietrose’s cosplay drawing of us. We overcome vibrating microphones, Skype troubles, and scheduling issues to bring you an episode and aftershow truly of House Manwoody proportions.

Notes: The poor audio quality (aka wind tunnel) improves around 16 minutes onward. 

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  1. Linecom1

    Congrats on 100 episodes guys! I’ll be enjoying this for the next few days worth of commutes…….3.5 hours lol Blackwater who?

  2. jesicka309

    3.5 hours!?!?! Woooooaaaaahhh lucky I didn’t download this from work phewth.

  3. Dulcet

    I have the magazine, which I deemed worthless a month or so ago when a friend got it for me because she knew I liked the show. I had no idea it was hard to get. She got it at Walgreen’s. I’m willing to barter it away if anyone is interested.

    And congrats you guys!!!

  4. Linda

    Yayyy! Congrats on the 100th episode!

  5. Scilens

    Congrats, guys <3 haven't had the time to listen to it yet, but I'm sure it's amazing. So impressive that you've been going for such a long time!

  6. NickSnow

    Praise the gods! Cannot wait to listen to this!

  7. MovesLikeShagga

    OMG yes new Amin pics!

  8. Thanks again for having me! Had a good time chatting with you. Also, the re-read in this episode killed me. Prooooobably shouldn’t have been listening to it at work, I guess… 😉

  9. Kyle

    Thanks for being on the show. It’s always great to hear about things happening with the Ice and Fire fandom and we love to help when we can.

  10. brynden

    Thanks you so much for all the work and time you all are devoting to the show. I’m not nearly done (~50min in) but I had to come here and say in general: It is so great and so much fun to listen to you guys, the show could not be better (maybe the audio-quality could be imrpoved a little birt). The chemistry of the 4 hosts is awesome and I really hope you sometimes manage to meet up all together in persona. This should be one of your goals for the next 100 episodes because then you could once record an episode without any skype-problems 😉

    Keep it up, your listeners love you for all the nerdyness (is that a word?) you and all your guests bring into the show and the (still existing) retro charm on posing as a totally amateurish fan-podcast. I say that because it appears so easy what you are doing although it is so hard not to talk over each other while recording. Content-wise you still constantly release non repetitive, high quality and equally funny episodes with always new insights and theories, which is also not an easy task. It is great that you have (finally) managed to be visible in the fandom and to put it out there once and for all: You guys are (more ore less) constantly doing this for 5 years now and praise the glory of his books – Mr. Martin really should consider to visit you in the future to explain his take on bloodoranges, feathered hats, the Black- and Otherwoodies and Booby-trapped saddles!

    Just wanted to put that here – more comments in the forums (after I have finished).

  11. Travys

    Heresy!! Roy Dotrice is the man! [Except when he forgets which voice goes with which character. COUGH*Daenerys*COUGH]

  12. mimi

    wtf how is this so long?
    sorry about my mic, y’all. will always nestle it in my bosom from now on to prevent quality issues.

  13. ash

    we did have 3 weeks of recordings…

    and yeah, i’ll just use my brothers from now on. i really shouldn’t let my stubbornness get in the way of using a decent mic.

  14. Linecom1

    just for clarification mimi i think a good general rule of thumb is, when in doubt, to nestle more things in your bosom. 😉

  15. pjstwo

    Hey guys awesome episode. Glad to have you all together and excited you guys are getting some well-deserved attention (cons and youtubes and whatnots).

    After hearing those clips, I honestly cannot imagine how you guys listen to the audiobooks.. That’s dedication.

  16. Kyle

    Amin keeps all the listener contributions to himself till he publishes an episode so I’m just hearing a lot of this stuff for the first time. You guys are so awesome! Thank you!

  17. jesicka309

    Amin forgot mine! So I’ll have to send it to you privately Kle 😉

    JK it’s not exciting at all. 🙂

  18. Kyle

    Ooo baby

  19. Rob

    Wow. A century. *clap clap clap clap clap clap* Word to all of your respective Mothers.

    For realsies though. Yey.

    Here’s to a hundred more!


  20. Kyle

    boo yah

  21. Pod's Plight

    Lovely work everybody! This episode sure covered a lot of ground. There were games, an interview, a passage reading, some singing, a Dickon call, a message from the bloody queen of England, plus a healthy dollop of the usual skype related filler. The reading was fun and entertaining, especially since it was a bit of a bumble fuck and Kyle and Ashley were reluctant to do it.

    I raise my glass and salute you.

  22. Jon

    Congratulations guys! Awesome episode.

  23. Lex

    Happy 100th Episode! The Manwoody just keeps growing stronger.

  24. jesicka309

    Did I just gain a title? It was something of arts, master? I think it should be Mistress of Arts, just saying. 😉

    Great episode guys, I really enjoyed/ing it. Still only two thirds of the way through though, so plenty more to listen to.

    The reading had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the middle of a packed peak hour train with people pressed up against me, so that was awkwardly weird. So funny.

    You guys won’t get this reference, but 100 episodes is a century, so take off your helmet and raise your bats! 🙂 All the British and Aussies will get that. 🙂 Cheers guys.

  25. NickSnow

    Congrats on the 100th episode and 5 years anniversary! You guys deserve every praise. You guys are absolutely my favorite part of the Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

    And yes, I was laughing like a maniac in public during your reading of the Queenmaker.


  26. Usurpationblitz

    Happy 100!

    You guys are all amazing, and I would also like to send out to thanks for members and hosts long pass. This may be the best crew, but you guys where there for the true heroes to step on to reach for the stars and succeeded.

  27. Zeyik

    Happy 100th Episode and on your 5 year anniversary! The episode was amazing. Couldn’t stop crying from laughter at the reading.

    Is it just me or did Kyle seem “irregularly horny” in the first part?

    I am stunned listening to Roy Dotrice audio clips. I never thought it would really be as bad as Mimi made it out to be,

  28. Kyle

    Probably cause the first part was right after I had woken up…

  29. Zeyik

    Ser Kyle the new Sword of the Morning

  30. Kyle


  31. FTWard

    Congrats on 100 and 5 years. Very fun episode, it must have been a beast to edit. Lots of great moments.

  32. JAZ

    Hey, still here! Still love you guys and I am NOT a traitor! And Mimi still owes me a date!

  33. Linecom1

    thank you for your priceless contributions to the forum…….you are gorgeous! #noshamebro

  34. Kyle

    Jaz!!!! Get on that Mimi. Don’t make Jaz angry.

  35. Christina

    I want to save this episode for special me time… you know, bubble bath, candles, large Scandinavian man massaging my back… but I heard rumors that my name is invoked. I’m so torn! Let my vanity force me to listen now, or listen when I need a good cheering up…? Can’t decide!

    In the meantime, I also would like to add my thanks for all your hard work. LOVE you guys!

  36. lothen

    Is it just me, or did all of the Breakmusic in this podcast come from Runescape?

  37. Kyle

    Amin’s gonna have to answer that one.

  38. Warcraft 2 or its spiritual successors.

  39. pjstwo

    Yes lots of warcraft 2. Oh the dial-up multiplayer days…

  40. Ranjitb


  41. Jeremy

    Congratulations and thank you! 100 episodes – awesome!

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