Episode 104: Walk of Punishment

Episode 104 for the week of April 14th, in which we review the third episode in the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martinโ€™s ASOIAF series.

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  1. jonathan


    (regarding Robb telling Edmure off about those 208 men) I can Imagine Edmure waking up with roslin, finding out about what happened…and thinking to himself: ” hmm…who lost more men now lol.”

    4,000-frey-dis the betrothel
    good number-Karstark-behead house leader
    His whole army-Stark/umber/etc—because of above reasons lol

    They really did make the marriage pact with Frey was just about the bridge. Not cool :/ And really for Robb- they Frey made up a decent % of his army. Not only does the heir to the twins die…robb beds and gets with “talisa/jeyne” …Kinda messed up

  2. Gandys

    Well Melisandre is definitely going to show up at the BWB secret hideout somehow. You can see her feeling up Beric at around 8:10 right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlmTBjE2kgg

    But I think the Brotherhood won’t just let her take Gendry away and Melisandre will be so impressed by thoros’ priestly skills that she’ll just leave again. So Gendry/Edric will just be in hiding/exile with the Brotherhood instead of Lys.

    It might be worth setting up that Melisandre knows how to do the fire resurrection ritual or that she is unable to do it, that could come in quite handily during WoW after all.

  3. nemui

    Oh, god, no… I wish they hadn’t done that. It’s so much more powerful if the charlatan priest develops the raise-dead powers. If Mel does it, you can just chalk it up to her easternly witchy ways. Not to mention the logistic issues of her reaching the BoB in like two episodes’ time.

    And if Gendry takes on the role of Edric Storm, that… that… argh! I’m at a loss for words.

  4. JoThirteen

    I’ll have to agree that the Blackfish is acting like much more of a jerk towards Edmure than in the books. Shoving him like that was a bit too much, I mean, he wasn’t exactly the nicest of guys in the book, but he didn’t seem to show so much comtempt for his nephew that openly. (But after watching the way he treated Catelyn afterwards, I think we know who his favourite is – a parallel to the Catelyn/Bran thing you commented on back during the first book reread, maybe? A lot of favouritism going around in the Tully family, that’s for sure.)
    It does seem like Gendry will take Edric’s role in the show, a bit confusing how will that play out, it’s not like Melisandre can find him and take him back to Dragonstone that quickly. Unless Littlefinger’s teleporter is actually involved. (There’s a lot of potential for a new crackpot theory here, guys.)
    The “Stannis and his shadow sons” meme needs to be a thing so, so very much. If it weren’t for my shocking lack of drawing skills, I’d try my hand at that soon. Still might, though, the idea is just too good to pass up.
    I’d say that Stannis needs to lay off the blood oranges for a while, but after the “fires burning low” comment, I think his problem may be more complex than it seems. Maybe he’s just not eating the right kind of oranges, he really should get Doran Martell’s advice on that. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. aryastark7330

    The guy who plays Locke is Noah Taylor – awesome Aussie actor ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lex

    I remember him as Charlie’s kindly dad in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He’s almost unrecognizable here. Really liking him so far.

  7. Arya

    Also as the band manager in Almost Famous.

  8. Mface

    Great job with the word ‘legitimized’, Kyle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Kyle

    Haha! I have such a hard time with that word. And to think I probably never had to say it before I started reading/talking about ASoIaF. Now I have to say that damn word every week!

  10. kadayi

    With regard to Stannis I kind of read it that he was proposing that Mellisandre create more shadow babies to eliminate Joffery & Robb. I think the writers obviously wanted to create an out to highlight for the show viewers that the magic was not easily performed and came at a significant cost.

    With respect to the whole pod thing, has it occurred to anyone that perhaps Littlefinger put it on the house as Tyrion had saved Ros from the queen perhaps?

  11. Lex

    Good episode review!

    The Tycho Brahe/Nestoris thing cracked me up!

  12. James

    Love the podcast. Couple of things re: the Ramsay/Theon scene. Theon’s pursuers definitely were wearing Ironborn clothing/helms. It is importartant not to forget that the show, unlike the books, has not explained what happened at Winterfell. It’s quite possible that in the show that there was no battle at winterfell, and the ironborn have just made a deal with Ramsay to sell out Theon (hence, knocking him out and sticking a bag over his head). Secondly, no one is pointing out that one of Theon’s dying pursuers called ‘Ramsay’ “Bastard”! It plays like he’s just insulting him, but the double entendre is clearly intended.

    While we’re on the subject of the Bolton’s. It seems clear to me that the dead northmen that we find in Harrenhal are the product of Roose/Locke’s work. This may be in lieu of Roose sending another chunk of Robb’s men to Duskendale. You will recall that both weekend Robb AND the Karstarks. In that episode, we see Roose paying lipservice to Karstark. This would also explain how Qyburn gets there, if Lock’s men substitue for the Bloody Mummer’s, and the confusion over that scene fits with the confusion viewers still have re: winterfell. None of it will make sense until Roose has been outed as a traitor!

  13. James

    Oh, and the ‘Fires Burn Low’ thing. That’s straight from the books. Mel tells Davos in the dungeons of Dragonstone that Stannis’ fires burn too low to create any more shadow babies, and then suggests that Davos could help her out with that. “I cold give you pleasure” she says. “Never!” he retorts in disgust.

  14. S

    Pretty positive Gendry is replacing Edric. Gendry doesnt have much to do at this point in the books, hanging with Hot Pie at the inn. And in a preview for upcoming scenes they show Mel with Beric and Co.

  15. James

    It is known. He’ll be returned to his book storyline by Davos.

  16. aryastark7330

    As long as his shirt is off, I’m cool with it

  17. Jack

    The thing about Stannis: we never saw what he was up to in the books since Davos was in prison the whole time.

    This was his lowest point in the show when he was under Melisandre’s influence the most.

    It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that he was, in private, a bit obsessed with Melisandre.

    In the long term, this isn’t going to ruin Stannis. He’ll sober up towards the end of Season 4

  18. Jon

    GRRM wasn’t writing fast because he was busy getting Mereneese Knots! bahahahahahahaha! too funny. frickin lolol

  19. The Dog

    When someone chops off my hand, I can rescue the situation by putting my bleeding arm into fire. Got it.

  20. Kyle

    Haha! Well I’m not expert, but I think that will stop the bleeding. Shove that stump in there!

  21. Budz

    I always figured she would return with his wife and daughter and she would be the one leached.

  22. Vidur

    Hey great episode.

    Are you guys going to get Larry from OtakuAssemble on for any of the third season episode review podcasts?

    Keep it up

  23. Kyle

    Hmm I have no idea. Amin always surprises us with guests.

  24. wills

    Nice episode, guys.

    Just curious — has anyone else wondered about what the show would be doing with Theon if Dance had not been published yet? Would GRRM have spoiled Dance a little bit by telling them to show Theon scenes, or would they have just not appeared? Also, would they have made a point of name dropping the Iron Bank of Braavos without the fifth book?

    I don’t care that much about the fifth book influencing the show, except that it makes me wonder if GRRM is steering the show based on what he knows will happen in the sixth and seventh books. I guess the HBO writers can always continue to tweak things to keep in line with things revealed in later books that they were not aware of, but I do wonder if anything can be read into what is emphasized or cut out this season (eg if Gendry becomes Edric, then likely Gendry won’t do anything important in the remaining books). I am curious to see what happens with Tormund — it seems like he still has an important role to play in the books, but none of the people who scale the wall with Jon survive, so we’ll have to see if he does in the show. I feel like this season as it gets closer to the middle of the plot expansion of the books (I feel with Dance the overarching plot of the series finally stopped expanding, though it hasn’t really started to narrow into focus yet) will continue to give more points of speculation like these.

    Do you guys think there is still time for Sam to become Sam the Slayer? Shouldn’t he and Gilly set out on their own after this, so there won’t be a chance for other brothers to witness him being brave?

  25. Random Name

    The two showrunners were told the whole story – including the finale – by George, in case something happens to him.

  26. Kyle

    Well that is as much George knows about the story. We know he is “more a gardner than an architect.” So even GRRM doesn’t know exactly whats going to happen with his characters. He just knows certain points he wants to reach.

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