Episode 106: Kissed by Fire

Episode 106 for the week of April 28th, in which we review the fifth episode in the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  What chat about our recent experiences at Ice and Fire Con 2013 and attempt to ship Tywin/QOT & Cersei/Littlefinger.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. Bastards of Kingsgrave is an offshoot podcast run by the hosts of APOIAF.

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  1. lothen

    Update your download links paaaaage!!!!!11!1!41

  2. lothen


  3. sillent

    Ps. Bryan confirmed milady just meant difference in class only.

  4. Kyle

    Here’s the Westeros.org/Bryan Cogman interview I reference.


  5. Iä Iä cthulu f’taghn!!

  6. Linecom1

    great point

  7. Pod's Plight

    mmmm, tentacle.

  8. Kyle

    Andre won the internet.

  9. Arnel

    In the Selyse intro I thought (and hoped) that it was the Ghost of High Heart, and that they put her in the cave and made her a Red Priestess for convenience.

  10. Pod's Plight

    That seems like a bit of a stretch (someone who is not 100 years old, not outside on a hill in a weirwood circle, and who is not chillin with the BwB) but c’est la vie, it would have been cool.

  11. Kyle

    I need to do some Ghost of High Heart research now. Jeesh there’s so much information in these books. I love it!

  12. Skagosi

    Your comment made me wonder if Melisandre is going to sub in for the ghost of the high heart. I mean she’s gone somewhere right? It would be a shame but I could see it happening.

  13. Jon

    Kyle, That Beric kill shot was almost 2 seconds long and definitely lethal.

    Jon Snow is fluent with the common tongue.

  14. Warden of the North

    Thank you for staying away again Mimi. After listennig to last week’s episode I had decided that I am not listening to any more show recaps that Mimi is a part of. She brings way too much anger and negativity. Other podcasters are negative to an extent that is reasonable, because at times there are reasons for us readers to be a bit upset. But Mimi just hate watches the show without really giving it a chance, and I (and others) don’t need to hear her come to around just to shit on something we love. She likes to throw in a positive comment about something completely trivial after gonig off on things sucking. But yes, It is possible to love both the books and the show. So thanks for staying away and letting us enjoy the podcast and the show.

  15. Pod's Plight

    What if the other hosts say something amazing while Mimi is present? You’ll miss out. Couldn’t you just roll your eyes or something when Mimi comments, instead of skipping the whole episode because someone introduced a bit of negativity into your pristine life of positivity?

  16. Warden of the North

    A bit of negativity? It would be one thing if she even gave the show a chance at all, but come on, you know she doesn’t.

  17. mimi

    lol sup warden of the north obviously you know me better than i know myself

  18. Linecom1

    how dare mimi appear on the podcast that she founded and for which she personally pays the bandwidth out of her own pocket all for free……… how dare she!!

  19. Skagosi

    I (and others) disagree. A balance of opinions is healthy and promotes discussion.

  20. The Dude

    Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  21. Pod's Plight

    Fuck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.

  22. mimi

    wow, that was unnecessarily rude.

  23. aryastark7330

    Did you even listen to the last episode Mimi was in? She mentioned lots of things she likes about the show and what it does well while also criticising its drawbacks which is absolutely fine. I love the show but I’d rather listen to some honest discussion than everyone just going on about how perfect it is (which it definitely isn’t)! It’s fine to have come constructive criticism, but just telling one of the hosts of a free podcast to go away is a little bit much! Hope you can come back soon Mimi the podcast is the best when you’re all together 🙂

  24. direhound

    The name changes are usually because the character casting or backstory doesn’t match up with origin of the character. Jeyne doesn’t look Westerosi and Locke couldn’t be a Bolton Man and be from Essos or have that kind of foreign name. I don’t think GRRM was commenting “That’s not my Vargo Hoat!” in a vindictive way. It was mainly for continuity of storytelling and world building.

  25. Kyle

    I don’t think GRRM asked in a vindictive way either. Ooops I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.

  26. direhound

    Peter, Edric, and Tomard. I think were the jar baby names. Aww… I think Tomard was one of Ned’s men too.

  27. Pod's Plight

    I’m still partial towards Kyle’s suggestion of Lamarr Baratheon.

  28. Kyle

    Why thank you.

  29. nemui

    Re. the Beric-Hound fight: I actually hated how it looked.

    All the sword-on-sword action is ridiculous, given that they both have shields! There’s no damn reason to keep knocking their swords against each other, particularly if the moment when the Hound cuts through Beric’s is supposed to be a surprise.

    Also, the fact that Thoros not only resurrects Beric but somehow also *mends his armor* is… weird. Why were they armored, anyway? Wouldn’t it be better if Sandor was made to fight unarmored, like in the books?

  30. nemui

    Re. does Selmy know about Jorah being the spy – I’m with Ashley. Of course he knows, no need to be on the small council. He was sent to Slaver’s Bay by Illyrio, who works with Varys, so they must have briefed him at some point.

  31. Israfel070

    Re: Cersei and Littlefinger, he’s not a close enough relative for her to be attracted.

  32. Jeremy

    The Arya being promised to a Frey is in Season 1.
    I loved the the scene in the Arya chapter (Arya X) in CoK when the Frey kid at Harrenhal is all pissed off and complaining to Arya that his marriage to a princess got ruined.

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