Episode 107: Ice and Fire Convention 2013

Episode 107 for the week of May 5th, in which Ashley and Amin talk about their Ice and Fire Convention experiences in detail. Photos from the convention are in the relevant forum thread.

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  1. Ashley – I at least got video of the beer tasting! We really need to combine our video eventually…haha

    Amin – the Lannister pendant that you got was made by this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/zanozashop 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. jesicka309

    I’m so jealous right now. 🙁 I want to go to a convention!!!!

    Too bad I’m in the wrong country gah.

  3. Lex

    The guy dressed as GRRM was the best cosplay!

    Also, happy to hear Amin talk about the 2013 ASOIAF calendar. I bought one last summer (signed by George) and I love it. I think Kyle has it as well. Awesome artwork and, as Amin said, cool choice of scenes.

  4. Steve

    Will you be posting links to the video/audio from the convention?

  5. Probably at some point in the future, may be a long time though. Audio quality is not good it would take a lot of editing to fix up and season 3 panel is kind of out of date now anyway.

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