Episode 111: The Rains of Castamere

Episode 111 for the week of June 2nd, in which we review the ninth episode in the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. This is the episode that coins the Pink Walder and Ygritte Tormundsdottir theories. We have several listener call-ins at the end of the episode and hope to do more in the future. Thanks to the large number of listeners for showing up on Skype in such short notice!

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. Here are the links for Vassals of Kingsgrave, Cosplay Piano for Game of Thrones, Vulture’s Red Wedding Roundtable, and Kyle’s appearance on AfterBuzz TV.

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  1. Thank you guys for a wonderful podcast. You are always entertaining.


  2. Kyle

    Thanks for listening Andre! Great to have ya.

  3. Dylan

    I’ve only heard the first couple minutes so far, but I just wanted to say really quickly that the reason I’ve stopped reading and listening to Elio’s reviews isn’t because I am offended by them or anything. I just feel like at this point I know pretty much what he’s going to say about it and it’s become kind of stale.

  4. Jon

    I totally agree Dillon.

  5. mface

    haha omg guys, PINK WALDER…amazing! thanks for the episode, entertaining and insightful as always!

  6. lovetoquest

    right up douchefishs alley

  7. Lane

    I agree with the lack of bannermen… Umber (gone) Bolton (traitor) Karstark (traitor/KIA) .. seems like all of Robbs generals arent loyal. Could have paid random cool looking people two make one liners in 2 episodes during war councils… oh well

  8. The Purist

    Another great podcast, guys! Too bad Ashley (as well as Mimi, but I believe she’s in another country) can’t be there, as her opinion is probably more close to mind than you guys, as I wasn’t all that impressed with the episode like others are. Need more dissenting opinions in the mix. Still, it was an entertaining podcast.

    I agree with what you said about Elio, Amin. It’s sad that these D&D ass kissers are hassling the guy just because of his opinions. When I go to sites like WiC and state on some of the things I about the show, they tell me to go away. Well, “go away” is actually putting it nicely. But they don’t take their own advice when they get so butthurt when they read Elio’s review.

  9. Anonymous

    Hmm I’ve found that there are way way way way way way way more GRRM ass-kissers. The people go won’t even five the show a chance if one thing is changed.

  10. The Purist

    Well from my experience, I found more D&D ass kissers and this is coming from someone who hangs with book purists. While the ASOIAF novels sold millions, you know it reached a lot more people when the show is being discussed in talk shows and referenced in primetime tv.

    You missed my point of my last post. I couldn’t care less if ppl likes the show or not, it’s sad that those ass kissers are attacking Elio’s opinion on the show. Are they so insecure that they can’t handle one guy’s review?

  11. Jeremy

    Thanks for getting this posted so quickly! Wish I’d been able to get into Skype in time.

  12. hodor

    I agree with Kyle, I never got the sense that the unsullied made it into the city. It was a moment i re-watched to try and understand, and my wife (non book reader) did not care about how they took the city.

    Mind you, this was before she stopped talking to me because I didn’t warn her that instead of cake there was just going to be a massacre at the wedding.

  13. Kyle

    The cake is a lie.

  14. hodor

    It might be for the best, lots of empty calories.

    Also this may have won the internet for best reaction video:


  15. nemui

    I’m with Amin, the charge was *spectacularly* dumb. Almost as much as the decision not to have Ygritte shoot at Jon while he was fleeing.

  16. Dylan

    I’m hoping she will catch up with him and do it next episode, but I doubt it.

  17. nemui

    The previews show her aiming the bow, but I assume that’s part of the attack on Castle Black… which takes place in bright daylight, of course, just like everything else.

    I just hope they don’t decide to have her survive, taken prisoner or wounded or something… I’m pretty sure that’d kill my remaining interest for S4.

  18. Dave

    While it would have been good if it was a full house, seeing as this was the episode of this season, it was still a great podcast. When Ashley comes back next back, I hope she’ll tell us what she found wrong with this episode. I hope it’s not because The Hound or lack of Sansa. LOL.

    Will you guys inviting Larry Williams back? He announced that next week’s season finale will be his last review of GoT for his Youtube channel. Looks like losing the Starks (even though he got spoiled by the RW) some more took away any enthusiasm he had left after Ned died. If you are inviting him, please ask me about book readers hating me like mentioned in one of his reviews. I always thoughts books readers, well the purists anyway, will be more incline to side with him, seeing as he doesn’t love the show much as he did on season 1.

  19. earlp

    Ooh, I’d love to hear Larry’s reaction to the Red Wedding and it’s aftermath. It would be really cool if you guys had him as a guest for part of an upcoming episode so we can hear his opinions about that and season three as a whole. Even though I often don’t agree with him, I always find Larry’s views very insightful and entertaining.

  20. Arnel

    Pink Walder Theory! Love it!

  21. Ranjitb

    Haven’t heard all the way through yet –


    I think the Unsullied army was totally inside Yunkai, because Danarys Lincoln asks Yes-Man Barristan “How long does it take to sack a city”, not “How long does it take to sneak in and open the gate” when they were chilling out. Just my impression.


    How can you possibly say Jahareys I/II is a minor point ? According to INFORMATION REVEALED TO ELIO DURING WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE, all this shit went down during the reign of King Jahareys I/II that establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Starks are nothing but raping snivelers with Southron Ambitions, Tyrion is indeed a Targaryn, and Danareys is the chosen one to end all chosen ones. The fact that no one else has access to this information shouldn’t matter in the slightest. Just Saying.

  22. If it’s not clear, Rantjib is making stuff up regarding me or things I’ve said, so those things attributed to me should not be taken seriously.

    Though his baffling obsession with me — evidenced by the fact that since episode 100, the only two episodes he’s deigned to make comments on are those which provide him a reason to complain about me — is, perhaps, sufficient reason alone not to take it too seriously.

  23. Rhys

    Just a point to Amin: It was Bryan Cogman who was responsible for Stannis’s storyline this season.

  24. Ash

    Re: Hospitality Scene
    Sharing bread and salt.. presented daughters and grand-daughters, rude comments from Walder Frey.

    There seems to be little dispute from viewers on HOW the Freys had foreknowledge of a heir to the North coming along the way. A concentrated stabbing onto a woman’s abdomen, as many would agree, is a purposeful attack of an unborn child.

    Walder Frey did not only refer to Talisa’s youth and beauty, but also of the bump in her belly. The dialogue confirming his knowledge of a child on the way, he says ‘I can always see what goes on beneath a dress. I’ve been at this a long time.’ Lord Walder has a knack for fathering sons and daughters, enough so to have trouble remembering all of their names.

    Thus in the show, Walder’s betrayal of hospitality begins with his vengeance of Robb Stark’s breaking his marriage oaths to one of his daughters. First blood came from wife and child. I believe this shows how Walder is more personally motivated, than position or greed could award.

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