Episode 112: Mhysa

Episode 112 for the week of June 9th, in which we review the tenth and final episode in the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. Undead Dolorous Edd’s twitter page has been created and can be found here. Thanks to The Geekie Awards for giving us the award for best Science Fiction/Fantasy podcast! We are also in the running for the best podcast overall and Kyle will be attending the awards ceremony in LA in August.

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  1. Lord Littlefinger


  2. Lex

    Did Ashley get a new mic? She sounds clearer than ever!

    Good review. I thought it was a great episode, even if it didn’t feel like a finale.

    Looking forward to more book re-reads or whatever else you guys come up with next.

  3. ash

    i switched after the first few minutes to my brothers headset, no gurgle but the occasional creak.

    and i was laying down for some of it, so maybe it pushed the mic closer.

  4. Phil

    For the past 2 season, I could never understand Kyle’s Gilly crush until I saw this episode. Maybe it was the lighting or something. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her next season. lol

  5. Kyle

    HI five Phil!

  6. Dave

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell how pretty the actress who plays Gilly. It’s probably the lighting and how she has to wear drab clothing, but she was so fine when she was on Skins (the UK version).

  7. aryastark7330

    I loved her on Skins Hannay Murray is adorable and the perfect Gilly.

  8. Rhys

    Damn, accidentally posted this in the RoC comments:

    Just a point to Amin: It was Bryan Cogman who was responsible for Stannis’s storyline this season.

  9. Lex

    I think show Stannis is a LOT better than book Stannis. I’m loving Stephen Dillane’s portrayal. He’s an asshole, a prick, and completely hilarious! I can’t believe all the criticism.

  10. By storyline do you mean his overarching story or everything Stannis, including dialogue? If it was actually Bryan, then I’ll say the same thing. Which is odd, because Stannis may have been at his best this season in Kissed by Fire.

    My issues with TV Stannis started from 2nd season, as I mentioned in the episode.

  11. Rhys

    Cogman was responsible for the Dragonstone arc this season, whilst those who wrote the episodes presumably wrote all the dialogue.

    I think the biggest problem they’ve had with Stannis is how to treat him alongside Mel. If anything, I think it’s with her they’ve had the big change, trying to turn her into a more relevant character to Stannis than he she was in the books. This is why he actually seemed like a decent character in Kissed By Fire, because Mel was not involved.

  12. Ro

    They should have ended with Kat dead, floating down the green fork. Just so people would be more accepting when she appears again.

  13. jesicka309

    Hooray for the Geeky Awards! Kyle you totally should have put the artbook in for the art/craft section! Waaaaayyyy more original than a pin up geek mag. 🙂
    Loved this episode though, it got me through a tough work day.

  14. Lady Griffin

    Ditto Kyle on Kit Harrington’s performance. Actual emotion! It makes me realize just how much slack-jawed standing around Jon Snow has been inflicted with this and last season. Hopefully he’ll keep getting more scenes from here on out where he can stretch his acting muscles.

    P.S. – I’m pretty sure my voice would be cracking too if I was about to be shot dead by my significant other. He was playing the only card he had left, and not with much hope. Terrific scene.

  15. aryastark7330

    I agree this scene tore at my heart despite the fact that I’m not sure how Ygritte caught up to him. When Kit Harington has something to work with he does well

  16. Ra's al Ghul

    Good point on the timeline problem, but I don’t see a reason to suspend the disbelief.
    This is what happened chronologically:
    Bran and Rickon’s wolves attack in the abandoned mill, and Jon is heading north east FIRST on HORSEBACK.
    Bran and co are getting to NightFort.
    A couple of hours later Sam arrives there as well.
    Sam heads east to Castle Black.
    Jon arrives LAST to Casle Black.

    So if the two casles and the mill are three vertexes of a triangle, one edge (Jon’s) should be shorter than the sum of the other two. Add the facts that he stated first and that he was riding a horse, while Hodor had to carry Bran and Sam is not very agile (and travelling with a nursing mum), and it’s hard to see how he got up after them.

  17. jankisa

    I really don’t understand why do you think that Stannis made the move to go to the wall when we don’t see the decision being made in the books and from what I understood from there it was him listening to Mel who thought that that was the real fight and Davos who reminds him what the King’s duty is.

    It’s never even in the vicinity of being decision made by only him and in the speech he gives to Jon when he arrives to the Wall he says that lord Davos reminded him and skips over Mel’s part as he does try to appear more independent of her.

  18. Gumby

    Kyle, I agree entirely with you about Shay and how she betrays Tyrion while in survival mode. It’s how I read it in the books too. If you read her last scene believing she is telling the truth; it’s so tragic.

    Now I don’t flip tables, but I felt like walking away from it during the Lion King at the end. What was with the staged pose? That shot deserves to be painted on someone’s van.

  19. aryastark7330

    I actually think it has the potential to be better than the books in that this Shae is genuinely torn about her feelings – can’t wait for Tyrion to get darker. I think we have to wait until the Shae storyline plays out until we can fully judge what they’re doing with her character.

  20. Jack

    I think people forget that Roose smiles and laughs quite a few times in the books.

  21. Jack

    The thing I thought was missing from the Small Council scene was Tywin expressing his anger after Joffrey stands up to him and he sends him away.

  22. JonS

    I thought he said “My first taught me before he died”, but I only watched it once…

  23. I am a new listener and now completely addicted to this universe. I am stuck with a third level question that I hope eventually gets answered.
    Has anyone ever wondered why this world is so far behind ours in terms of cultural, technology and economic development? They seem to be reliving the same era in perpetuity. The more I watch, and now read, the more I scratch my head. 10,000 years of every fourth or fifth generation relearning the same lessons?

  24. Pod's Plight

    Epic long winters and supernatural apocalypses have a tendency to slow technological progress. 🙂 There is also a school of thought that the history of Westeros is not all that reliably documented and all these thousands of years of timeline may not be as straight forward as they appear.

  25. Ty for the response. I did pick up that they tend to let books rot away and there is not much of a desire to read/write.

  26. Phil

    In A Feast for Crows in one of the pre-Kingsmoot chapter for Damphair or Asha, isn’t revealed that Asha went back to Winterfell a 2nd time to look for Theon, only to find him missing? That plus that semi-warm talk Yara gives Theon in the show makes me think it isn’t that far-fetched that she would go save Theon, even if she never got around to it in Dance.

  27. Bufyy

    Hi, thank goodness for a podcast that compares books & show!

    Just thought I would put in my opening scene for next season, Bran & Co. Walk out into the open and as soon as they are out of the tunnel it closes behind them. Can only wish for a weirwood face, but that is probably wishful thinking.
    Also Roose Bolton saying something like Robb was too arraogant, and Frey immediately starts bragging on his treachery.
    Arya & the Hound, if they make one change, I hope she will give him the gift of mercy. How will she get needle back?
    Waaay too much Theon.
    Kingslanding, things are moving a little slow, Sansa needs to get out of there!
    Not looking forward to the Lysa Arron ( sorry I can’t spell) I am scared of heights,
    Sorry for the ramble, and thanks so much for the podcast

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