Episode 113: Guys Night Out V

Episode 113 for the week of June 30th, 2013. A special edition, Guys Night Out V: A More Civilized Affair. Amin and Kyle are joined by Alex (Tower of the Hand), Fabio (Winter is Coming), and Sean (Boiled Leather).

We discuss a variety of book theories and some show topics, but the highlight of the episode is the composing of Queen Sansa’s ideal council, Queensguard, and the accompanying Night’s Watch.

Notes: Alternate download link for the episode. Spoilers for all published books, like most episodes. Amin is now on Tumblr and trying out the ask questions option. Elio couldn’t make it at the last second, making the same mistake Fabio did last time. Links for Sean’s Feast Dance re-read order, Bronn/Lollys family portrait, and the creepy shipping theory of the week. Finally, APOIAF has crossed the 8000 subscriber point, from data gathered before the website went down (we are still working on restoring the podcast forum).

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  1. Lex

    Guys Night Out episodes are always fun to listen to! Thanks!

    I have to say, this episode (and the recent Boiled Leather episode) have convinced me to give the re-combined Feast/Dance a try, next time I read the series (probably next year). I was skeptical, but I keep hearing good things.

  2. Alias

    Love it whenever a Guys Night Out episode happens, thanks for the release podcast crew. 🙂

    Glad that my favorite podcast guest of all time (Alex} made a triumphant return. Sad that Stefan and Elio didn’t participate, but you can never have it all.

    I’m also very interested in pursuing a Dance with Crows combo reread. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now.

  3. FTWard

    I thought Alex was especially exceptional this episode,

    Great job all!

    The StanSan art is proof that Amin has gone over to the dark side (tumblr) 😉

  4. Lex

    Also, what a shame that no one but Amin has read A Song for Lya. I’m reading Dreamsongs Vol. 1 right now, and it’s really good! Also, all the connections to ASOIAF are really cool (e.g. I’ve seen the phrase “Winter is coming” in TWO short stories so far, and the main characters in A Song for Lya are named Lyanna and Robb).

  5. Dion

    I’m reading Tuf Voyaging at the moment & got a chuckle when I read mention of a planet called Vale Areen.

  6. Pod's Plight

    Lovely work gents! I’ve been feeling some potent withdrawal for the last few days with no forum fun to sate my Manwoody yearnings and I look forward to reentering the promised land in due course (though I’m very sympathetic to the technical realities which are undoubtedly at play). This was a fun episode even though Elio abstained and Sean suffered a premature ejection from proceedings.

  7. Dion

    Another good episode guys. Does that mean there’ll be another Girl’s Night Out soon?

    I read an interesting theory on the westros forums about who wrote the pink letter. It involves information learned from one of the TWoW chapters so I won’t post who just in case people are avoiding them, but its very well thought out & definitely a possibility.

  8. Not necessarily, as there is nothing in the plans right now. I did this record now because a few hosts were not going to be available for months after this week. It seemed like a good idea to get the recording done before that happened.

    And yeah, thanks for not going into spoiler chapters here, we’re avoiding that.

  9. Linecom1

    is there a link you can provide for this pink letter theory from westeros?

  10. Dion

    Since the title of the topic has the person in question’s name in it I won’t post a direct link to it, but you can find it easily here (3rd topic down):


    I personally wouldn’t consider naming the character very spoilerish since it is only speculation, but some might so I’ll refrain from doing so myself.

  11. Closet Romantic

    Taena would make an awesome master of whispers.

    For master of laws the forgotten but obvious choices are

    Lady Waynwood or Lady Oakheart intelligent practical and strong negotiators.

    Lady Ladybright, already master of coin at Sunspear
    Or Lady Allyrion

    Weird choice would be The Widow of the Waterfront but she might make a better master of coin.

  12. Jamison

    Love this episode. How Eva! Have to assume Ashley is flipping tables over the exclusion of Sandor from Queen Sansa’s retinue. Question is what post would Clegane have? Queensguard? I say High Septon? What are your thoughts?

  13. Yeah I realized afterwards that Sandor should have a role there somewhere. Also that we forgot to do master-at-arms, maybe he takes that role if not in the Queensguard

  14. FTWard

    I would assume Consort, under this scenario.
    In ‘real life’ Sandor will be Lord Commander of King Tyrion and Queen Sansa’s Kingsguard. It will be a Beauty and the Beast wrapped up in a Beauty and the Beast.

  15. Tom 162

    Quaithe would be well-informed and mysterious enough to be Master of Whisperers, if we haven’t already had enough of Essos people in that position.

  16. Great episode, but…

    A tough wildling who’s still alive? Hmm. Rickon’s too young to be warden of the north? Hmm. If Rickon’s too young, who’s been looking after him… Hmm. No, I still can’t think of a tough wildling woman who can be trusted, let’s go with the naked ironborn chick. Yeah! 🙂

  17. Kyle


  18. brynden

    Only halfway through but I already have some thought I do not want to forget:

    1) Great cast! All are great, I especially love Alex who seems to be the biggest fan of aPoIaF of the guest as he always drops some aPoIaF inside jokes.

    2) About the gap: I wonder why they did not comment on Arya and Sam’s training – as both of them were finished. And Brienne’s storyline – the main arc that would have been cut entirely. And that the whole Ironborn stuff does not fit into any timeline at all (regarding the combined order). I would propose to work out some kind of ASOS/AFFC/ADWD combination to fix that.

    3) I totally agree with the ones that say – IF Mr. Martin could publish TWOW in 2014 he MAY finish the book series in time with the TV series. Every other timeframe surely does not work. And I am one of those who say: TWOW in July 2014.

    Thanks everybody that you took part in that episode – I’ll come back with more comments as sson as I have finished it.

  19. Does he really do inside jokes? That’s cool.

  20. brynden

    nobody else reacts on the blood-orange-pie thing in the beginning

  21. Lex

    He seems to make an effort to crack some APOIAF-jokes whenever he’s a guest. Funny guy and a great guest host!

  22. Lezuzius

    I’m also optimistic about the TWOW release date, I think he already had 1/3 of the book which were cut from Dance (the two battles, plus some additional POVs – the battles are obvious, but because he is reading various chapters I guess they are finished and he moved forward since then).

    But then again, he had half of Dance when Feast was published and we all know how that turned out.

  23. Christina

    Excellent podcast as usual, guys! I’ve decided to do a Mimi this year and stop watching the TV show because I have too much nerd rage, so I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot while the show was on. Now back to book talk! Yay!

  24. Lex

    Oh, forgot to say, I’m with FaBio on the release date for TWoW. I think everyone else was being wayyy too optimistic. From what GRRM has said, in terms of page count it’s not sounding too good. I’ll say Spring 2015 or 2016. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  25. Just to note that Amin said no later than July 2016 😉

  26. Lex

    Oh right! Yeah, it’s hard to be optimistic when I waited 5 years for AFFC and 6 years for ADWD. 🙂

  27. -

    Regarding the two guys in the wall not beeing re-animated. I saw a theory on westeros putting forward that it was infact the iron chains (and not the wall) that prevented them from becoming wights.

    The ones attacking Mormont in GOT was not chained. This alowed for them to become re-animated as wights.

    Along a similar vein was also suggested that all the statues in the crypt may have had steel swords to prevent some sort of re-animation.

    The use of iron as a weakness is a well established trope in litterature.

    Im afraind I was unable to find the relevant thread on westeros, but the theory seems pretty solid to me.

  28. A Listener

    Guys, I love the show, but why why why did you mention that thing about Stannis/Sansa shipping? That is terrible. More importantly, you forced me to write a fanfic about it, which is even worse. I mention this only in the hopes that other people tempted to go down the awful path of shipping Stansan will see my story and repent.

    Here is the story–A Dream of Lemoncakes: http://theblinginthenorth.tumblr.com/post/55537163248/a-dream-of-lemoncakes. I created a Tumblr for it and everything, dammit. If you read until the end, you will not be disappointed. Or you will.

  29. Pod's Plight

    *Standing ovation* This is amazing! I was skeptical at first, but you certainly won me over.

    There were some truly inspired bits throughout; I mean what can you say about meeting “the bog devil at the end of the causeway”?

  30. brynden

    Just some more thoughts I had when listening to the episode:
    1) a) Every episode that has Elio in it is awesome, so it is sad that he had no time.
    1) b) BUT without him the attending guys could speculate wildly without fearing some “read on” comment of Mr.-Ponytail and afterwards widely avoiding this point (for example on the release date). So it was maybe an easier episode for the others and therefore more fun.

    2) Kyle: Go and reread ADWD – now.

    3) While relistening I found an error in my last comment: Fabio was talking about blood-oranges, but Alex also seems to be very knowledgeable about apoiaf-terminology.

    4) StanSan is simply over the top for me.

    5) Thanks again for taking the time.

    And last but most important:
    I miss the boards 🙁

  31. lovetoquest

    mimo’s back from north korea. noice

  32. SolFreer

    Reznak is too obvious as the poisoner, he was mistrusted by Dany from the start and Quaithe’s prophecy led her to immediately think of him (don’t forget the 3rd option for ‘perfumed seneschal’ is Varys). The Green Grace is a much better theory. She suggested Dany marry Hizdahr and the murders stopped when Dany took hostages but started again as soon as Dany admitted to GG that she could never harm the children. There’s a good thread on westeros.org elaborating.

  33. asa12

    You guys are ridiculously optimistic on the tWoW release. July 2017.

  34. Aiwendil

    Wait… shouldn’t Sam be a maester at this point? Or are we considering he’ll have to leave the Citadel before forging his chain due to glass candle-related issues?

    Also @Stephen Cronin: love your comment 😉

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