Episode 114: Zorses and Conventions

Episode 114 for the week of July 14th, in which we catch up on some news and return to our ongoing reread of A Clash of Kings. We cover chapter 31 (Arya VII). We discuss the recent website downtime and the current long night of the forums. The second half of the episode is with Ashley and returning guest host Tara, covering further details for Ice and Fire Convention 2014, tickets for which go on sale this Aug 1st, as well as APop and DragonCon.

Notes: Amin and Kyle are on Tumblr now at Amin-J and madcanard and are using the ask-question feature there to respond to questions from listeners. Alternate download link for the episode.

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  1. KCenturion

    The blonde-cloaked sickly-looking Mummer is Faithful Urswyck. Vargo’s second. He is usually described as looking like a corpe.

  2. Henry

    Mimi please make audiobooks, no one should suffer through Roy Dotrice any longer.

  3. Mordion

    I tend to agree with Amin that Jaqen was referring to the fact that the deaths Arya prevented were from fire when he mentioned the red god. I think the Faceless Men are happy to consider any god that wants deaths to be part of the Many-Faced god.

    Also, the Fiddler is definitely still gay.

  4. witless chum

    Yup. This is what I think. Jaqen means fire, not Red Rahloo.

  5. lovetoquest

    cant u cosplay melisandre

  6. FTWard

    I am good with Melisandre or Arianne but my vote is for –

    Taena Merryweather
    She is an extremely beautiful and shapely woman with black hair and large, dark eyes.Sansa Stark considers her a sultry black-eyed beauty. Ser Jaime Lannister cannot help but notice the way she moves her hips as she walks, he thinks her every step is a seduction.


  7. Pod's Plight

    You should go as a genderbent Khal Drogo. Ashley can by Jorah, Amin can play Mirri Maz Duur, and if you guys can convince Kyle to go, then he can be Dany.

  8. Inkasrain

    Mimi crossplaying as Drogo would literally bring the world into harmony.

  9. LordManderBlee

    how deep into the episode do they switch from talking about dragon con to talking about the ice and fire con?

  10. Mordion


  11. FTWard

    Mordion: Can you and Mimi pick me up on your way to Ice & Fire Con? TIA

    LMB: What kinfa Warden of Manwoody skips over part of the podcast?

  12. Mordion

    For you FTWard, a mere 700 miles and an additional 10 hours of driving is no less than your due. But seriously, I’d be happy to drive any non-murderer/drug trafficker from the DFW area or any intervening point.

  13. Mordion

    It’s nice to see really well done, accurate cartography.

  14. easttexasdirewolf

    Looks legit to me.

  15. LordManderBlee

    There isn’t even a Pennsylvania! Lumping us in with New England makes me incredibly sad as a native Philadelphian. We’re worth rememering!
    We’re better than Ohio I swear 😀 plus we have lots of strange dialect

  16. LordManderBlee

    I know!! I feel so guilty! I’ll be back to listen to it later but at my current job I have very limited listening time, my boss hates headphones, and my commute is just a ten minutes walk. I just wanted to hear the Ice and Fire Con cause I’m trying to figure out if I can go and I needed to skip to that part. Also, thanks Mordion!

  17. Lex

    I couldn’t get through the con part of this episode. I really tried, I just couldn’t make it. Not my thing, I guess. But the first half was great. 🙂

  18. LordManderBlee

    Thanks Lex! Makes me feel better, I’ve never been to one so I just don’t love it as much!

  19. One host and a guest hardly counts as a regular podcast anyway. I skipped to the ice & fire info.

  20. ash

    the podcast is the main part, this was just tacked on the end so that it wouldn’t come out as a separate mini episode.

  21. Jon

    2067 is the last chapter review! No more after that guys so lets enjoy these while they last. 😉

  22. joluoto

    Florents were probably picked for Stannis wife because the constant dagger to the Tyrell throat that would represent, which discourage Mace Tyrell from ever declaring for Viserys.

    And I always imagined Robert chose Selyse for Stannis because she was the ugliest one, and Robert thought it would be a good joke.

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