Episode 115: Guys Night In II

Episode 115 for the week of July 29th, 2013. In a second Guys Night In, Amin and Kyle discuss Kyle’s SD Comic-Con experiences and cover chapter 32 (Catelyn III) ofย A Clash of Kings.

We also do a Q&A section at the end of the podcast, answering the questions that were submitted to us via the pre-episode 115 survey form posted on our facebook and twitter. Keep an eye on the website and our twitter as we will be doing similar Q&A and other pre-episode survey forms in the future.

Notes: Here is the full survey for podcast listeners. Post comments here if you live in London or the UK and are interested in joining other APOIAF fans in a Game of Thrones trivia. Also post comments if you are interested in going to Ice and Fire Con, some of our listeners have booked rooms and are looking for roommates for the event. Finally, post some questions for our future interview with Game of Thrones: Ascent.

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  1. Linecom1

    good episode thanks for editing and recording. good report from kyle at comic con. maybe next year you can bring along a camera man and do youtube interviews with asoiaf/gots fans etc

  2. KC

    Funny episode guys! Great to hear from you both.

    The Lord Estermont throughout the first few books is the maternal grandfather of Robert, Stannis & Renly and the elder brother of Ser (later Lord) Eldon Estermont who marries Sylva Santagar. Lord Estermont dies sometime around the start of Feast for Crows but it isn’t mentioned in the text (but Appendix info confirms the change of the Lord of Greenstone) and his younger brother (Eldon; who is in his 70s!) inherits.

    Eldon’s sons and their sons are on either side of the Baratheon divide (Aemon and his son Alyn are in King’s Landing sworn to Tommen whilst Lomas is part of Stannis’ garrison at Storm’s End and his son Andrew is protecting Edric Storm in Lys).

    Phew, I’ve discussed this quite a few times on Westeros and their wiki.

  3. brynden

    Not finished – good part on ComiCon so far. But the wall is not 100 feet high. it is 700 feet high.

    “The Wall stretches for 300 miles and is approximately 700 feet tall, It is made of solid ice and stone, and can be seen for miles round. It appears grey or blue depending on the weather and time of day. The top is wide enough for a dozen mounted knights to ride abreast and it is thicker at the base.”


  4. Kyle

    I hope that wasn’t me that said it was 100 feet high.

  5. Pod's Plight

    They were talking about Storm’s End, not the Wall in the north.

  6. Yes Pod is right, Kyle was talking about the outer wall of Storm’s End. A shocking lack of nitpicking knowledge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. jesicka309

    I thought the reason Stannis married Selyse was to support Robert’s claim to the throne. The Reach had been loyal to the Targaryens, and marrying into the Florent family was an attempt to make alliances, and as we know, there wouldn’t have been any eligible Tyrells at the time.

    A great episode though, and it had me laughing at my desk! Oh Kyle, you and John the Fiddler! Makes me laugh every time.

    I didn’t see the previous survey, and completed the new one recently. I think it’s a great idea to read out some of the Vassal stories, but please don’t forget the ones posted on the forums!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s to hundreds more episodes!

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