Episode 116: We Are Geekie

Episode 116 for the week of August 18th, in which we discuss our reactions to winning Best Podcast at the first annual Geekie Awards!  Kyle shares his experience of representing House Manwoody on the red carpet, Ashley squeals continuously, Amin calculates military strategy to obtain the trophy for himself, and Mimi rambles about fried chicken. Thanks to Kristen Nedopak and Team Geekie for putting together such an awesome inaugural event for geek culture, and to our amazing listeners for holding the House Manwoody banner high through all these years.

Please take a moment to check out our esteemed fellow nominees for Best Podcast:

Notes:  The collector’s edition of A Flight of Sorrows is a limited print edition that will only be available for sale in the month of October 2013. We’ll have further details closer to the Oct 1st release date, but this article describes it pretty well.

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  1. mimi

    have a blue yeti mic and yet always sound like i’m podcasting with a potato, what is wrong with my life.

  2. Kyle

    And despite Mimi’s potato mic we were still able to pull off a big win at the first ever Geekie Awards.

    Check out the official video of APOIAF’s big moment here.


  3. Linecom1

    So proud of you guys. Big win for House Manwoody. Big win for ASOIAF. Congrats!

  4. Congrats again, guys!!!

  5. lovetoquest

    you can always spend your money on me ashley

  6. Lex

    Cogratulations! Manwoody rises, harder and stronger!

  7. Zeyik

    Congratulation on winning. Didn’t you guys win 2 awards, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Best Podcast? Did you get an award for both or just best podcast?

  8. Kyle

    We did win 2 awards. You’re right. It’s so easy to forget that. How the Geekie Awards worked this year is that there were (for the Podcast category atleast) 9 sub categories. These included things like Best Tech/Gadget, Best Pop Culture, Best Comic Book/Superhero, etc. APOIAF won the Best SciFi/Fantasy sub category. We do not win a physical award for this. But out of those 9 winners they choose the top 5 and those are then nominated for Best Podcast.

    To see all the sub category winners and honorable mentions check this link out.

  9. Timmay

    Congratulations. You guys earned it.

  10. patizambo

    I’m very happy for you guys, congratulations.

  11. Kyle

    Thank you everyone!

  12. Thanks for the episode, its a nice one and you deserve to perform a little self-adulation. And thanks for th reaction video – could you somehoe link it here?
    I would really like if you start podcasting on a weekly base but until proven otherwise I wait for new episodes every 17 days or so.

    I wonder what happened to the episode that Amin said he has still to edit?

  13. That particular episode is guaranteed to come out by September 15th. Probably earlier. It has been a busy summer.

  14. Jon

    Awesome job guys and gals! Congratulations!

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