Episode 119: Cold

Episode 119 for the week of September 22nd,  in which we continue the longest running reread of the series, covering chapter 34 (Catelyn IV) and chapter 35 (Jon IV) of A Clash of Kings. We wish GRRM a happy birthday and thank him for the recent podcast congratulations on his livejournal and website.

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  1. Tom 162

    Nicely spotted resemblance! The Fist of the First Men is kind of like Weathertop in Lord of the Rings, even down to a group including one more rangers being attacked by cold monsters

  2. Kyle

    Weathertop! That’s it!

  3. Jon

    amon sul

  4. hailstate

    Sam took the hunting horn with him to Oldtown. GRRM did a good job playing down the importance of the horn – so much so that I didn’t pick up (on the first two re-reads) on the fact Samwell takes the horn with him on his journey south.

  5. Lex

    LOL, gotta love Amin naming the episode “Cold” just to make sure we don’t forget his theory.

    I’m kind of worried about Kyle meeting Mimi, and the shocking things she might do to him…..

  6. Well, there wasn’t exactly much else to name it (a quiet chapter reread episode), though I did consider Pray, Die, Run.

  7. Lady smallfoot

    The name was very fitting. Even your voices sounded cold to me.
    Were you drinking shadow wine?

    I am enjoying all these chapter parallels and theories. Looking forward to more rereads.

  8. Lord Littlefinger

    Renly does refer to Davos, when he tells Stannis his host is made up of “Onion Knights and Coddfish Lords” A Lot of people make that reference to Davos, obliquely calling him the turnup knight other mocking terms.

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