Episode 121: Canadian Edition V3

Episode 121 for the week of October 6th, in which we are joined by returning guest host Laura (Cosmia) while Mimi and Kyle have their meet-up in San Diego. We discuss chapter 36 (Bran V) and chapter 37 (Tyrion VIII) of A Clash of Kings. We discuss Ice and Fire Convention stories in the aftershow with Carly.

Notes: Chapter Art from A Clash of Kings in Paint for chapter 36 and 37. Carly’s Cards Against Westeros game. If you would like to nominate our podcast for the Podcast Awards, each person may submit one (only one) nomination form by October 15th. If you nominate A Podcast of Ice and Fire, we suggest the People’s Choice + Entertainment categories (any podcast can be nominated for People’s Choice + one category). If you get the chance, please submit Bastards of Kingsgrave under the Cultural /Arts category in that same nomination form (website – (http://bastardsofkingsgrave.wordpress.com/).  The 9th Annual Podcast Awards Ceremony will be Held at New Media Expo in Las Vegas on Sunday Jan 5, 2014. A Flight of Sorrows Collector’s Edition is available through our podcast store, only for sale in the month of October 2013 and then never again.

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  1. ragequit

    now is the time to strike canada

  2. ash

    I feel this is one of those comments where punctuation makes everything.

  3. Lord Littlefinger

    Now is the time to strike, Canada!
    Now is the time, to strike Canada!
    Now, is the time, to strike Canada?

  4. dajmenejebi

    i’m pythia bitch

  5. Tom 162

    About those areas of uncertainty in the Bran V picture…

    The main reason for making the Reeds froggish is that Meera carries a frog spear.

    Yes, that’s a booby-trapped saddle spring.

    Yes, the stick figure with a mug of beer on his abdomen is Alebelly.

    …and the things that weren’t questioned but were still questionable…

    Ser Rodrik has long dangly whiskers like in the TV show, and is using them as nose plugs.

    The pic was done with Xfig, a diagramming tool, instead of a paint program. It seemed like an OK way to follow the spirit of the cruddiness directive!

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