Episode 122: The Telltale Mimo

Episode 122 for the week of October 20th, in which we complete our podcast tour of the Collector’s Edition of A Flight of Sorrows, currently available until November 1st. We review Amin’s A Feast of Vipers, before diving into the long awaited analysis of Mimi’s A Telltale Knight, freely available¬†for reading at Tower of the Hand. We conclude with a discussion of Kyle’s afterword: Completed Songs and Frozen Conversations. We also learn about Mimi and Kyle’s recent meet-up in San Diego.

Notes: Thank you everyone for nominating our podcast and BOK for the Podcast Awards! Nomination slates (whether we made the initial cut) will be released on October 27th. Edit: APOIAF has made it to the final 10 for the Entertainment category! Daily Voting starts on November 1st.

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  1. Linecom1

    great episode guys. probably the most energetic, enthusiastic mimi we’ve gotten for a long time. this is the episode i would refer/suggest/submit which really displays the strength of this podcast. good knowledge, nerdy banter, funny moments. only thing missing was ashley

  2. Loved this episode. Mimi is always insightful about Dunk and Egg and it made me want to go back and read the novellas. Plus I just got my all new print edition of Flight of Sorrows. But my personal highlight were the hilarious ads at the end, especially Valkryst.

  3. Anonymous

    Ads at the end? Hmm I’m gonna have to check this out.

  4. Kyle


  5. nadia

    Great episode everyone. About summerhall, we get the impression from most characters that the targaryens were trying to hatch dragons and instead burned the castle down with themselves in it. But in one of Barristan’s chapters in aDwD, he mentions that it had more to do with Egg and his sons marrying for love instead of for alliances and that prince duncan’s setting aside the crown for jenny of oldstones culminated in the tragedy of summerhall. So there could definitely be sabotage involved.
    And when a castle burns down it’s not the stone burning but everything inside it (tapestries, curtains, drapes and the rushes on the floor) and the walls just collapse from the heat.

  6. Jason

    This is probably the best episode of all time, simply due to the fact that Amin compared the recent trend of frying turkey to tragedy at Summerhall. So hilarious. Great job on the podcast.

  7. Anonymous

    That’s how they do Thanksgiving in Canada.

  8. Kyle


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