Episode 123: Calling the Banners

Episode 123 for the week of October 27th, in which Mimi and Amin are joined by two guest hosts from our forums: Michael (Mordion) & Michal (Inkasrain). We react to our recent Podcast Awards nomination and some news, before continuing the longest running reread of A Clash of Kings, specifically chapter 38 (Theon III) and chapter 39 (Arya VIII).

Notes: Thank you for nominating us for the 9th Annual Podcast Awards, Entertainment category. Daily voting (rules listed below) will start on November 1st and end November 15th. You may vote once per day during that voting period. Winners will be determined entirely by vote numbers, so every vote counts! We didn’t get to cover it, but here is the chapter art for from A Clash of Kings in Paint for chapter 38 and 39. You may post your questions for the upcoming Fantasy Flight Games and Comicbookgirl19 interviews here as comments for this episode.

Podcast Awards – Voting Procedure and Rules (copied from their website):
Daily Voting starts Nov 1st and will end at 2359 HST on Nov 15th.
Each Person / IP will be allowed to vote “once a day”.
All voting will be done from the podcastawards.com website no offsite voting scripts.
No Third Party voting applications

  • We have expended considerable amount of money to insure a fair voting process. Certain security measures are in place, should a site or individual try to circumvent the on-site voting, or use an application to automate the voting we will invalidate votes that are detected or trends show them to be fraudulent.
  • 100% e-mail verification of all votes will take place, failure to click on a vote will result in no vote being placed.
  • Non verification of votes is not contestable it is the voters responsibility to insure that the e-mail address provided is valid.
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  • We are expecting extreme loads on the mail server and have put in place certain safeguards to ensure votes are not lost.

Notice: We have done extensive work in the algorithms that will be used to deter cheating. All voting will be done on the podcastawards.com website any podcast that adds or creates a auto voting system will be disqualified. Podcast Connect Inc reserves the right to reject any vote that it’s officers, staff and auditors consider to be fraudulent. It is imperative that all podcast nominees warn their listenership to abide by the rules. We do not care how popular or unpopular your podcast is, circumventing the rules will not be tolerated. We will in all cases error on the side of good reason we will stay diligent and use just prudence

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  1. Jon

    when i click on the play button on the website (which always works) it says file not found. Also, the download from itunes always fails as well. Anyone else having problems?

  2. Play button is working for me right now. Still not working?

  3. Jon

    no. maybe i have been firewalled here at work. thanks!

  4. Riv

    When is cbg19 going to be on the show? :D.
    Enjoying the work you guys are putting up btw. Keep it up!

  5. esk

    please keep michal full-time! her perspective was super refreshing.

  6. Jon

    Suddenly working!

  7. Jon

    I just voted for the 5th time btw

  8. Jon

    The Bad Headsmen would be a great name for a band.

  9. StarQ

    I’m almost caught up. I started listening to the podcast about 3 years ago. I started from the beginning, Episode 1. Here it is February of 2014. I’m only seven episodes and three months behind.

    Your two guest hosts contributed to a much improved podcast. Both had sharp insight and ready wit. I hope to hear from them again.

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