Episode 124: Vassals of Kingsgrave

Episode 124 for the week of November 10th, in which Amin and Kyle are joined by two of the Vassals of Kingsgrave curators, Bina and Vikram. We talk about the origin of VOK, before continuing our chapter reread of A Clash of Kings with chapter 40 (Catelyn V)  and 41 (Dany III). We cover battle strategy, bedroom names, and Kyle’s hartred of zorses.

Notes: Voting on the podcast awards continues daily, with the last day being November 15th. Thank you for your support! The first Australian listener meetup is scheduled for November 29th in Melbourne. Check out the forum thread or comment here if you wish to attend. The BOK episode recorded after this one is a spoiler-full discussion of GRRM’s short story Unsound Variations.

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  1. nadia

    OMG!!! Someone said my name on the podcast!!! Thank you for taking the time to do that Vikram. So good to hear Vikram and Bina on an episode. Kyle is right, Bina’s voice is beautiful 🙂
    Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but weren’t Catelyn and Lysa married on the same day? Catelyn probably was there while Lysa was pregnant and should have noticed Lysa was sick after she took the tansy tea. But maybe that was explained away as some other illness.

  2. Exactly, Nadia – the whole thing is sketchy in the extreme!

  3. KC

    Desmond Grell and Robin Ryger are being escorted by Raff the Sweetling and the ol’ Mountain Gang to Maidenpool where they can travel to the Wall by ship. (Y)

  4. Pod's Plight

    For someone who made an appearance as a gay man on a network sitcom, Kyle is awesomely bad at detecting homosexual characters in fiction.

  5. Kyle

    Tis true.

  6. Garry

    After hearing you guys talk about other dragons in the westeros perhaps, it reminded me of a few videos predicting the end game around TWoW and ADOS, if you have time check it out. the majority of it is hilariously crazy but it has a few good points including a possible dragon under Winterfell and predicting what happened at the tower of joy. But it is mostly just a laugh.


  7. Valkyrist

    Yay! I finally listened and was delighted to here Vik’s and Bina’s voices on the main podcast. They definitely did House Manwoody proud. And props to Amin for all his support of VOK.

  8. Merry

    If Quaithe has mismatched eyes could she be Shiera Seastar?

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