Episode 125: Salted Water

Episode 125 for the week of November 17th, in which Ashley and Amin are joined by another Vassals of Kingsgrave curator, Katie (Lady Griffin). We continue our chapter reread of A Clash of Kings with chapters 42 (Tyrion IX) and 43 (Davos II).

Notes: Supreme Court of Westeros decisions featuring Amin, Stefan, and guest judges (two decisions released so far) can be found at the Nerdstream Era. Thank you for supporting us with votes for the podcast awards! The results will be released in January. The first Australian listener meetup is scheduled for November 29th in Melbourne. Check out the forum thread or comment here if you wish to attend. Finally, if you have questions for our upcoming Fantasy Flight Games podcast episode related to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, submit them here or in the forum thread.

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  1. Note that while Arys Oakheart is not technically a Marcher Lord, his family does have a very antagonistic history with Dorne.

  2. ExLeper

    Asheron’s Call all day, son.

  3. What server and timeframe?

  4. ExLeper

    I was on, I want to say, Darktide? And my tenure was from about 2000 to 2002 or 2003.

  5. If it was pvp, Darktide yes. I was there around the same time, Xanthro tag mainly. I’ll be doing a BOK ep at some point – Amin

  6. Jon

    The extra “place” in the king guard that was free after black water belonged to the Hound.


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