Episode 127: The Feathered Hat Prophecy

Episode 127 for the week of December 8th, in which  Amin and Kyle continue our chapter reread of  A Clash of Kings with chapter 46 (Catelyn VI) and 47 (Bran VI).

Notes: Pod’s Plight APOIAF theories artwork can be found here. Stefan Sasse’s ebook analyzing Season 3 of Game of Thrones can be found here. Christmas Filks are being submitted in our forum thread, get them in to us by December 18th, ideally. Our podcast store has free Amazon and other website affiliate links running for your holiday season shopping.

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  1. David Beers

    Boiled Leather Audio Hour already has a ‘Princess and the Queen’ episode out – why are you guys dragging your feet? Who cares about the re-read for book two, we just 100 pages of hot dragon on dragon action! Get on it!

  2. Duncan

    Settle down David. You might pull a muscle.

  3. ash

    all of us want to be there for it and our schedules are like impossible to sync : / It’s 100% on our to do list.

  4. Kyle

    Whats Princess and the Queen? Never heard of it……muhahahaha

  5. Lord Littlefinger

    Kyle can you tell Amin, Asha had 30 long ships to take Deepwood. Victarion had another 60 in the Iron Fleet. According to Margery Tyrell the Iron Born have 1000 long ships. They had more than enough men to take and hold Winterfell, they ruled the Riverlands after all. Balon was just a dick and wouldn’t give Theon any men. Same with Asha, 200 men probably would have been enough to hold the castle.

  6. Faelmon

    So what’s the update with Comicbookgirl19’s guest session?

  7. Lord Littlefinger

    She’s pretty awesome. I want to be the audience member on that panel

  8. Robb Stark's Bane

    Yeah I heard she might be on the show. When might she be on Amin?

  9. Haven’t got an email back from her for a while so I suspect not any time soon; holiday season is a busy time too.

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