Episode 132: Morning Edition

Episode 132 for the week of January 26th, in which we are joined by long timer listener Nadine (Erinyes) from the United Kingdom branch of the House Manwoody fandom. We cover chapters 50 (Tyrion XI) and 51 (Theon IV) of A Clash of Kings.

Notes: Sorry for the poor audio quality in this episode.

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  1. No one

    Cersei orders Blount to take Tommen out of the city to keep him safe from Stannis, but Tyrion sends Bywater to steal him from Blount and take him somewhere else. Tyrion wants to keep Tommen safe too, but also wants to use him to back up the threats he makes to Cersei after she threatens to kill Alayaya. After Tyrion’s plan works, Cersei throws Blount in jail and probably has Bywater assassinated during the siege. Later, while Tyrion is recovering from his wounds, Cersei gets Tommen back and then whips Alayaya.

    It’s one of Tyrion’s worst moments. Even if his plan had worked, Tywin would still be pissed off that Tyrion threatened his nephew to protect a whore. Also, when Tyrion wakes up and finds out that Alayaya was whipped he seems like he is going to carry out his threat (then Bronn tells him that Cersei has Tommen back already).

  2. KC

    Shagga and the Stone Crows stay in the Kingswood. Timett returns to the Mountains of the Moon. Chella and the Burnt Ears get chased off after returning to King’s Landing, not sure where they go back too.

    Boros is reinstated to the Kingsguard to replace Sandor Clegane after the Blackwater because Tywin knows he will be grateful/loyal to him and it’ll stop the Tyrell’s getting another white cloak.

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