Episode 133: Valentine’s Day in Westeros

Episode 133 for the week of February 9th, in which the gentlemen record a thematic episode for Valentine’s Day. We are joined by Duncan (Valkyrist), one of the curators from Vassals of Kingsgrave, the Australian branch. We cover chapter 53 (Sansa IV) of A Clash of Kings, and now wait to receive further listener inspired artwork.


Speaking of fan art: Valentine’s Day by Vaarsuvius

House Manwoody in Season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones

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  1. Krious

    Hey I heard you guys talking about A+J=T this episode. I was wondering if you had heard the theory that Joanna was half Targaryen herself (through Egg’s unnamed 3rd son) so she passed down a bit of Targ blood to all her kids.

  2. Stefan

    “Oh by the way, Ashley has quit the Podcast….”

  3. Hi all thanks for another great podcast. You mentioned that the actor who plays Ilyn Payne was ill. I thought you might be interested to know that the actor, Wilko Johnson, was recently interviewed on BBC radio. Here’s a link:
    Wilko is dying from terminal cancer. Someone asked him if he had regrets and Wilko (who is primarily a musician) joked that he’d never recorded with his favourite band, The Who. Roger Daltrey of The Who was listening and offered his services. Their album is coming out soon.
    Wilko was a good Ilyn Payne, but I’m glad he has had this opportunity before he dies before he gets old. I hope he gets to enjoy it.

  4. Lady smallfoot

    That was a very fun episode.

    For the North !

  5. Silja

    I completely lost it when he said that xD so funny!

  6. Sarah d.

    A little late to the game here, but I just finished listening to your V-Day podcast, and wanted to answer your question: yes, I have dated someone who actively didn’t like A Song of Ice and Fire.

    On our third date, this guy went on a rant about how awful books 4 and 5 were, and how he’s done reading this “shitty series.” At that point, I thought to myself, “I am not going to have sex with you.” I won’t say his dislike of ASOIAF is solely responsible for my dumping him, but it was definitely the straw that broke the dragon’s back. Amin, I don’t know how you put it up with!

  7. Better to know about such problems earlier than later! 🙂

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