Episode 136: The K and the Grey

Episode 136 for the week of March 2nd, in which we continue the longest running reread of A Clash of Kings, covering chapter 55 (Tyrion XII) and chapter 56 (Catelyn VII). We are joined by Elena (Lady Grey), one of the main writers and singers in our APOIAF Christmas Filks episodes.

Notes: Despite what was said, any comment made on any of our 2014 podcast episodes (deadline is Season 4, Episode 1) will qualify for the (US only) free Game of Thrones t-shirt contest sponsored by T-shirts.com. In other news, let us know if you are confirmed to be attending Ice and Fire Con 2014 or Anime North 2014.

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  1. Linecom1

    gimme dat Tshirt, no j/k. i really enjoyed the episode though. elena was a great feminine presence that has been lacking without mimi and ashley lately. seriously hope ashley’s computer is ok, and looking forward to the got’s recaps.

  2. Marcus Taylor

    Great episode. Big fan of the podcast, book series and show!

  3. Lady Grey is delightful. You should have her on all the time.

  4. Pod's Plight

    Free garment application: submitted

    Wonderful guest hosting/ talking/ being a Lady, Lady Grey!

  5. Pod's Plight

    Will submitting a multitude of comments help ensure that I win a t-shirt, or is there a one entry per listener policy in place?

  6. Lady Grey

    Thanks for the positive comments guys! I had a blast.
    And Duncan, thanks I thought you were delightful too 😉

  7. Kurt_eh

    My own theory on when Winds of Winter will be released:

    It seems that GRRM is writing on a modified Fibonacci Sequence. Essentially just adding the wait-time between the last 2 books, +/- one year. By this logic, Winds won’t be out until sometime between 2021 and 2023! 😉

    Book Year Wait
    Game 1996 N/A
    Clash 1998 2
    Storm 2000 2
    Feast 2005 5
    Dance 2011 6
    Winds 11+/-1

  8. Varley

    Great episode, Lady Grey did a great job putting up with the dick jokes.

  9. Stephen

    I still think GRRM lack of activity this half of the year portents a concentrated effort to get the last bits to the editor by mid year. I am also embolden by “Rouges” being pushed up from a September publish date. It has the feel of a clearing of the stage for a larger event.

  10. Lothen

    “The K” is obviously Kyle’s porn name. Searching pornhub now.

  11. Great episode – love hearing more from Lady Grey.
    Also best line, “She got my card.” Amin is the boss!

  12. Adam Cicco

    Yeah, I think we’ll get an announcement towards the end of 2014, and then WoW sometime in 2015. WoIaF will probably come out in the fall and hopefully the next Dunk & Egg

    Oh yeah, and a t-shirt would be great

  13. SerEdgar

    Littlefinger with Blackfish as Cat theory.. this is why I listen… oh man…

  14. Carston

    Great episode!! Keep em coming…

  15. FTWard

    Great job from Lady Grey! Two really interesting chapters.
    I like T-shirts.

    Nadia 2014
    Make Her Audible

  16. Glitter

    Yo. Winds of Winter is gonna be released sometime this year. We won’t get the release date. One day GRRMartin will pull a Beyonce and boom: get thee to a bookstore cuz it’s out!

  17. Michael

    I just wanted to say I thought Elena was such a great co-host and had some awesome insight. Have her on more.

  18. witless chum

    Will the t-shirt be made of boiled leather?

  19. Andyj

    Great episode. This is the part in the story where my perceptions of the original villains (Lanister’s and Clegane’s mainly) changes dramatically and its so interesting and cleverly written. I enjoyed your guys insights into Jamie and look forward to the chapters ahead

  20. Good stuff guys! Looking forward to your episode recaps of season 4. Hoping for some solid guests.

  21. Wanted to put in my bid for the GoT shirt!

    Furthermore this episode was very enjoyable as per usual and Elena was awesome. Definitely bring her back sometime!


  22. Lord Littlefinger

    Yeah I don’t understand people who don’t like Theon, Theon is too pathetic to dislike and I don’t think he ever does anything wrong, he just tries to win the approval and respect of Robb and his father and it blows up in his face.

  23. Jeff

    Rockin’ episode as always. My crackpipe theory on a book release is that GRRM himself will show up on camera right after the preview for season 5 and announce a publication date for TWoW. Too hopeful I’m sure, but how amazing it would be…

  24. Lord Littlefinger

    I think TWOW is coming out this year based on Elio’s cryptic hints. I think he’s almost done.

  25. Adam

    My attempt to reread has taken longer than APOIF, but reliving these chapters through the podcast is almost as good.. keep up the good work guys (and gals)

  26. Turri

    I would really like to hear your opinions on the released TWOW chapters, especially the new one. Or is there a strict non-spoiler-policy on those?

    Come on, you know you want to…

  27. Lord Littlefinger

    OH JEESUS! another one?! do you have a link to the Tyrion chapter they released in the app?

  28. Scilens

    hah, funny. Luis Royo is the first artist I remember finding on the internet and being impressed with. ^^
    If you want to have him on the podcast and need a translator, I’ll volunteer = P
    (oh god I just really wanna be on that episode)

  29. Michael Örekärr

    “I’ll be in my bunk”?

    Am I listening to a fellow browncoat?
    Nice! 🙂

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