Episode 137: A New Momo

Episode 137 for the week of March 23rd, in which we cover chapters 57 (Theon V) and 58 (Sansa V) of A Clash of Kings.

Chapter 57 – Theon V (artist: jesicka309)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 58 – Sansa V (artist: PieWhoWasPromised)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. Young Wolf

    The reason for not killing reek was written a bit oddly but it made sense to me. I mean given that Theon wanted them dead because they knew about the boys, Reek would know that Theon wanted him dead too and ostensibly make some back up plan. I think the idea is that Theon would have tried to execute him instead of Farlen and he would reveal he wrote down that the whole millers family is dead and that Theon would be the one to discover him after all the other participants were murdered. It almost seems Martin was trying to over justify it. Theon might not like Reek being around, but it’s not like he’d have any motivation for revealing it, the ironborn would be keeping secrets from their own men. As for the the dream and the pale figures, I immediately thought how he’s constantly talking about Ghosts in Winterfell in aDwD, often related to the the crypt of the stark ancestors and his own dark past. I’m not sure what it means but I definitely think theres something there.

  2. Scilens

    yay more episodes!

    we took forever to come up with a name for our cat (and in the end went for Baghira like the panther from the jungle book cause he was… a black cat. so creative) and by then we had gotten so used to calling him “cat” that that’s what he kept calling him all his life. most of my friends never knew is real name xD

    not a dog person, and my next cat will be called Toolbox (I decided on that YEARS ago and can’t even remember why), but the cat after that would get an ASoIaF name (but I can’t decide yet because we’ll hopefully have at least one more book then)

  3. Pod's Plight

    That chapter art by PieWhoWasPromised is definitely one of the coolest and most impressive contributions we’ve seen in the whole art book project.

  4. Stephen

    I always thought GRRM based Theon character traits on Eddie Haskell

  5. Lex

    Nice to hear Mimi back. Congratulations on your “Game of Thrones dog”.

    Also, thanks for the description of the GOT exhibit, Kyle. I’m going to check it out this summer, when it rolls through my town.

  6. GREAT to have Mimi back! Shame that, I guess, she’ll disappear during GOT. I also really enjoyed Kyle’s description of SXSW. One of the coolest things about House Manwoody is that you get to experience sweet ASOIAF in places you’d never get to. This and the VoK where the guys went to the Jean Cocteau cinema were some of the best recently.

  7. Silja

    I had a pet rat I named Sansa – because I love Sansa!

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