Episode 140: Anniversary

Episode 140 for the Week of March 30th, in which we cover chapters 62 (Tyrion XIV) and 63 (Sansa VII) of A Clash of Kings. We celebrate the 6 year anniversary of our podcast, covering some of the feedback and statistics generated by our podcast survey in the after-show.

Notes: Most of the statistics and feedback for this episode are available here.

Chapter 62 – Tyrion XIV (artist: zeyik)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 63 – Sansa VII (artist: Jenn Rose)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire



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  1. Christina

    Happy Anniversary, APOIAF! You guys are the bestest fake friends ever!

  2. Joey

    I know Ashley’s computer is wherevers computers go but you guys shoulda done this episode with her. I think this chapter is the bane of her existence

  3. Varley

    So I just heard Mimi mention the amount of listeners and somehow between when you recorded and now you have like 2K more listeners! Manwoody!

  4. House Manwoody grows at a surprising pace sometimes!

  5. earl


    Happy 6th Anniversary, yall are the Beyonce and Jay Z of ASoIaF podcasts.

  6. Linecom1

    lol, i thought this was the only new episode and realized there were 3 more new ones!

    very flattered to have received a shoutout from the hosts and the survey responses (even if they spelled my name wrong or thought that i lived in new york).

    congratulations on your 6 year anniversary.

  7. Jeremy

    Congrats on the milestone. Thanks for sticking with it.

  8. Pod's Plight

    Very sad that Ashley couldn’t be a part of this, both because of the 6 year milestone and the content of the SanSan chapter.

  9. Mormont Face

    Happy Birthday apoiaf! It was so nice to hear the three of you discussing such great chapters. Of course, Ashley was missed, but due to the chapter content it was almost like she was there.

  10. KC

    Many happy returns APOIAF.

    In the human ranks, I think the The Mountain, Hodor, The Greatjon, The Smalljon, Dunk, Left and Right are the only characters we know of that are taller than Sandor, who is about 6’8″. Bronze Yohn is supposed to be as big as The Hound aswell.

    According to GRRM, Brienne is the same height as Robert (6’6″).

  11. caesal

    As for remembering incorrectly. In humans, memory is generally one of the most unreliable forms of recall as experience. The way of memory is not a photograph that fades but remains generally the same, but more like a flip book where every time you remember it the picture shifts slightly. Hence it is reasonable to remember incorrectly.

  12. elle

    Can we please have Ashley come in as with a special feature where she just monologues about this chapter for 5 minutes? Her not being able to be there for the re read feels like a crime.

  13. fanste

    Congrats on the milestone! Hope you guys keep it up all the way till A Dream of Spring is out

    Good recaps. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from Kyle-as-Sandor

  14. KC

    Second that!

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