Episode 141: Two Swords

Episode 141 for the week of April 6th, in which we review the first episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. During  the aftershow, we reveal some very exciting podcast news related to San Diego Comic-Con. We also chat with a popular Vassals of Kingsgrave host.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series.If you could potentially host a couple of APOIAF hosts while they attend Comic-Con, please let us know. As noted, past guest host Steven Attewell’s Race for the Iron Throne ebook is now available for sale, covering A Game of Thrones.

APOIAF Hosts – by Vaarsuvius

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  1. Young Wolf

    I loved everything except for the characterization of the Thenns, they went from the most civilized wildlings to the least, or at least in regards to how they would be viewed. They seem like a cheap villain type thing.

  2. Colty

    As silly as the flower thing is, it’s from the books. Daario brought Dany a flower every day, educating her on the flora around Meereen.

  3. Kyle

    It’s learning about the things I forget are from the books like this that make me really appreciate how true they really are trying to stay true to the books within the limitations of a tv show.

  4. Krious

    The three flowers in this episode were red, white, and blue…

    ‘Murica 4lyfe

  5. Lex

    Thoughts as I listen:
    -LOL, you guys are SO tough with your lemoncake ratings!
    -Seasons 1 & 3 also had cold openings, for the first episode.
    -David and Dan are definitely “courting the Manwoody”.

    Personally, thought it was one of the best opening episodes yet. Best scene for me was definitely Arya & The Hound (Rory was amazing). Loved the bits of lore (Ser Duncan, Arthur Dayne, etc.). Laughed and cheered for House Manwoody, none of my friends understood why. New Daario was kinda meh, but I still think he has potential to be better than 1st Daario.

  6. Lex

    I don’t expect Loras will accuse Brienne of anything. Remember (in the show version) after Renly’s death, Margaery thought it was Brienne but Loras said something like “No, it wasn’t her and you know it. It was Stannis.”

  7. aryastark7330

    You guys are awesome … but I miss Ashley. I want to know her thoughts on the Hound finally being in character (OK maybe a bit harsh). I think Arya and the Hound is going to be my favourite part of this season.

  8. Rodrik Harlaw

    Nice episode, though it’s a shame that there were only the two of you. I would’ve loved it if you added at least one of the members of the forums as guest hosts (preferable, to me, are Michal, Lady Grey and Augustine).

    The unintentional proximity in which you talked about how:
    1) Jaime says to Brienne she could be a Lannister.
    2) It seems like he is flirting with her.
    made me laugh.

    The way they played the Arya-Hound relationship, it actually seems to me they will not have a falling out at all. I would guess that they’ll get into another fight with some Lannister men, and the hound will tell her to run away, while he is making them busy (and getting severely wounded in the process). It will be a nice sending off for him, if they are still keen on the “only 7 seasons” nonsense.

  9. Stephen

    I still say D&D are blending Daario with Brown Ben.

  10. [spoiler removed]

  11. Kyle

    No Spoilers please!

  12. Kyle

    Sample chapters from unreleased books are the only thing we don’t like to openly talk about since some people prefer not to read them until the book comes out.

    We have a thread on the forum for discussing TWoW chapters. 🙂

  13. Kyle’s correct, an entire subforum in fact. Check it out if you are into spoiler chapters. Thanks

  14. FTWard

    Yeah Nadia!

    You guys are harsh 😉 I gave an extra 0.5 Lemon Cakes just for “Manwoodys of Kingsgrave”.

  15. James

    I actually kind of wish they did more with the opening scene. Both of the previous ones were longer and told more of a story (not that this one didn’t, but I’m not sure that people who haven’t read the book completely understand the significance). I still liked the episode overall, but my mind just kept wandering to next week :).

  16. Israfel070

    Nobody brought up the spoiler chapter that George posted a few days before the episode aired… Let’s just say that it was related to one of the final scenes of the episode! I think George didn’t want the show to beat him to the punch regarding a specific event.

  17. We don’t cover spoiler chapters… not everyone reads them, including several hosts…

  18. Katie

    I think Kyle, and a lot of reviewers, are ridiculously hard on Cersei for not falling on Jaime’s dick after he gets home from war.

    Her reaction may not be logical, but it makes perfect emotional sense that she feels abandoned. He wasn’t there when their daughter was sold to Dorne, he wasn’t there when Tyrion stole what little power and control she had left over her life, he wasn’t there when Tywin consigned her to another loveless marriage, he wasn’t there when Stannis attacked King’s Landing and Cersei was so sure she and Tommen were going to die she tried to poison her own son to spare him a painful death. It’s not Jaime’s fault he wasn’t there, BUT HE STILL WASN’T THERE.

    The fact that Cersei has become a raging alcoholic in his absence is enough to show she’s in no place to get back into a relationship with him. Tough tits, Jaime. Grow up and go to a brothel. You sister has her own problems aside from whatever raging bitterness you have about not getting a homecoming parade.

    *gnaws sheet metal*

  19. Linecom1

    (this message brought to you by twincest defenders of America) :p

  20. Shellfish

    I enjoyed Kyle very forcefully saying “No! I’m going to put aside my cockthoughts for a while” and couldn’t help but imagine this was a conversation he’s had with himself numerous times.

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