Episode 145: First of His Name

Episode 145 for the week of May 4th, in which we review the fifth episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We are joined by Katie (Lady Griffin) from the forums.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. This is that refereed portable bathtub in the woods. This is the upgrade to the Eyrie mentioned.

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  1. Nathan

    I always thought that the Lannister mines were fine, but they haven’t really been worked for a while due to the war efforts.

  2. Lord Littlefinger

    another stupid show oversimplification.

  3. Joey

    Nice “I’m on a boat” reference Amin!!

    So here’s how I think they will play out Jorahs banishment. I think there will be some fallout with Jorah and Barry. Then Barry will bring up Jorahs treason and Dany will get mad at ol Barry the Bold for not telling her sooner and Jorah for his treason. Either that or they don’t even kick Jorahs out at all.

  4. aryastark7330

    Lol ‘Barry’. They have to kick Jorah out. If Barristan knows in the show, it’s kind of bad of him not to mention anything for so long. They’re going to work it in some other way …

  5. Stephen

    I think Dany & Jorah will be playing Monopoly and Jorah will use the old “spit on the elbow” trick to steal money from Dany when she is trying to trade some houses for a hotel. Dany will catch him and send him away.

  6. dido

    I think the letter that Tywin started to write in the “small council” scene will reveal that Jorah is a spy.

  7. Roose

    Kyle: *HSSSSSSSSS* Yeah Cersei was great *HSSSSSSSSSS*

    Katie: and the actor that played Lysa–

    Kyle: *HSSSSS*

    Katie: –was great so, yeah I just loved the new locat–

    Kyle: *HSSSSSS*

  8. Kyle was replaced by a Breathless Man this episode, but it was better than the alternative of dropping the episode.

  9. Lothen

    Kyle can stalker breathe down my neck any day.

  10. Kyle


  11. Roose

    I love you

  12. aryastark7330

    I honestly didn’t notice!

  13. Stephen

    First, My Dad use to claim he had no money all the time, it was a lie. Same as Tywin/Cercei. No money/cheap wedding for Tom/Mar.

    Second, the original plot that got everything going was Jon A., Renly, Stannis and a Tyrell replacing Cercei with Margery. When Jon died Stannis blew town because he knew the plot was over. Why Littlefinger blew up that plot is the burning question.

    Third, How about Locke becoming Coldhands? That would be crazy cool.

    Fourth, reason Kyle was all breathless was he spend all day trying to get feathers for the hat to give to the afterbuzz ” I do not read” girls

  14. Feathered hats aren’t easy to construct.

    Audio quality of the episode should have improved as of the current reupload finishing right now.

  15. aryastark7330

    I need fiery passionate book Cersei at SOME point. I love Lena Headey but come on show.

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