Episode 146: The Laws of Gods and Men

Episode 146 for the week of May 11th, in which we review the sixth episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We are joined by Bill (mrkorb) from the forums.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series.

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  1. Kyle Foster

    Ser Beer O’ Clock Approves of this fantastic episode :D!

  2. Tom Holtz

    I think the “Yara” scene is also there to establish that she can now throw her hat into the Kingsmoot without backstabbing Theon, since “Theon” really doesn’t exist anymore.

  3. Joey

    I might be wrong. But, at least I. The books, didn’t the iron bank say the we’re going to back Stannis and forgive the crowns debt when he takes the throne. I can’t remember but for some reason I though that.

    Bryan Cogman did an interview over on WiC’s podcast. He said that we need to remember that immediately after Joffs death Tywin ordered a stop to all ships in the harbor. So I think that’s him saying Bronn didn’t turn on Tyrion but they found Sansa’s handmaiden when searching the ships for Sansa.

  4. Kyle

    Hmmm interesting. And Shae “left” the same episode as the Purple Wedding right?

  5. I thought it was implied she left before the wedding…although Bronn never said he saw the ship leave, only that he made sure she got on it. May just be one of those things that is left to our imagination.

  6. Rodrik Harlaw

    The ship doesn’t sail immediately after Shae boards (she’s not that important). It makes perfect sense that the ship was still at the harbor when Tywin gave the command to block it.

  7. Stephen

    In the books, Cercei blew off the Iron Bank, so the bank went to Stannis and proposed to back Stannis with money on the guarantee that past debts would be honored.

  8. Corey

    If I recall correctly Tyrion can’t ask for Jamie to be his champion, because he’s a member of the Kingsgaurd, who are sworn to defend the King not people who are trial for killing him.

  9. Yeah, I thought of that after the recording, but then again that wasn’t ever really set in stone for the TV show, where they seem to break some rules in favor of dramatic license.

  10. Travys

    “Everything’s coming up Tywin!”

  11. Stephen

    I will not like it if Bronn sells out Tyrion. I liked how the book Bronn is set up too nicely to fight the Mountain, but wishes him luck. HBO Cercei found out about Shae, so Bronn could have been watched and the ship captain bribed.

  12. Adriene

    Bronn did not betray Tyrion. Right after Joffrey dies Tywin orders all the city gates to be barred and to seize every ship in the harbor. That would be how Shae would be found and Bryan Cogman pretty much confirmed that this was the case in a recent interview.

  13. Rodrik Harlaw

    While listening to the podcast, I remembered something that I’ve forgotten earlier. I thought it could be that when Varys says to Oberyn “most of us aren’t princes”, he is actually being sarcastic, since he might be a Targ or a Blackfyre (legitimized royal bastards), and so can be considered a prince as well.

  14. John

    I heard another podcast Game of Owns where they interviewed Brian Cogman. When they asked about Bron he said that as soon as Jofrey was murdered Tywin said stop all ships in the harbour. To me this means Bron didn’t betray Tryrion. But they more than likely paid him off/threatened him for Tryions trial.

  15. Silja

    Dudes, the map of Braavos can be found here:


    this guy put all the maps up on his deviantart page.. I know I know we can argue about whether or not that is okay, but for anyone who wants to see the maps, go here:


  16. Javier Garcia

    Hey guys, what game were you playing in the pre/post podcast?

  17. Javier Garcia

    Hey, thank you for the answer!

  18. Lady Grey

    Great episode. Enjoyed Mr Morb a lot and hope to hear him again.

  19. Lady Grey

    Whoops. Typong On my Iphonw

    Lotd of spellinh errors, ya know

  20. Tyrion's Uncle

    Yeah, ok podcast but a bit awkward. You could do with talking about more than just individual scenes.

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