Episode 147: Mockingbird

Episode 147 for the week of May 18th, in which we review the seventh episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We are joined by Simone Boyce from Winter is Coming. We briefly chat in the aftershow about the good times at Ice and Fire Con 2014.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series.

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  1. uflGator1

    Sim One!!! Wow, it’s a small world! Greetings from an old college buddy!

  2. Linecom1


  3. Kyle Foster

    Simoneee!!! You were the bomb digitty on Afterbuzz Game of Thrones season 1! Glad to have you back!

  4. What was the part you cut out toward the beginning of the episode?

    Regarding Daario, I think book readers were “meh” about him last season because he didn’t look at all like the Daario from the books and that disappointed us. But I think we didn’t appreciate him until he was gone and now we have an actor that is not pulling it off at all. Think back to little seductivy things Daario 1.0 did, like take Dany’s hand and point it on the map while they were planning their attack. Little snippets like that sold Daario 1.0, while Daario 2.0 acts like he should get slapped into the Jorah Mormont Friend Zone right quick.

    And glad to have found Simone from this ep, super witty and fun!

  5. Rodrik Harlaw

    Lysa fled KL with Robin (where he probably was born), so he clearly saw at least one place besides the Eyrie.

  6. Yes I was thinking that too, I think it was explicitly said in the books but also how else would she have poisoned Jon Arryn if she was not in KL?

  7. Rodrik Harlaw

    It was clearly stated in the books (“Then she left in the dead of night, without so much as a by-your-leave. Cersei was furious.”) that she left KL after her husband’s death. Seeing that Robin was still breastfeeding at the time (continuity obliges), he was definitely with her at KL as well.

  8. Lord Stark

    Cool having Simone on and all, but if she is going to be on the line she really should try to limit the amount of background noise she makes. Wherever she is theres thing slamming and clanking and shuffling in the background and she sounds like shes in an echo chamber. It made for an annoying listening experience.

  9. Hard Truths

    Yeah, that was just plain rude of her. And she either couldn’t take Kyle’s hint that it was super annoying or she just didn’t care.

  10. Pod's Plight

    Wow, Kyle must have said something really egregious for Amin to exercise the artistic licence of censorship to cover up a shocking lack of knowledge during a podcast that is already known for it’s shocking lack of knowledge.

  11. Kyle


  12. Kyle

    Hmmm that was supposed to be a mouth shut face, not an angry one. 🙁

  13. Victoria

    You guys should really try to get Larry Williams for the the season finale podcast, that would be amazing!!

  14. Stephen

    I keep waiting for the vacuum to start up.

  15. Roose

    I don’t want to be a complainer. I really, really don’t. But did Simone have to be doing this podcast right next to her sink?? While doing the dishes???

  16. Jessie

    Did you really just tell me the hound dies in this podcast… done listening forever.. Why wouldn’t you edit that out??

  17. We have full book spoilers discussion in our podcasts. We don’t always have a warning in every single episode since our listeners know that, but there is one at the very start of this particular episode in the audio file (whenever we have a guest like Simone who might overlap with TV viewers).

  18. Anonymous

    Great episode, but it was so hard to enjoy because of the constant background noise from the guest. It just felt really rude and made listening so much less enjoyable.

  19. Stephen

    Except the creaking chair when the Hosts are wanking..

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