Episode 148: Sorrowful Manticores

Episode 148, for the week of May 25th, in which the 4 podcast hosts reunite to continue the longest running reread of A Clash of Kings. We cover chapter 64 (Daenerys V). We try to rekindle the magic, thoroughly examine manticores, and discuss the Lannister gold supply probem.

Chapter 64 – Daenerys V (artist: zavarr)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. The whole crew back together again! The feels!

    On the point of spoilers, I agree that anything in a GRRM prequel or novella is fair game. But Worlds of Ice and Fire is written by Elio and Linda….

  2. Kyle

    I was under the impression it was written by GRRM and just fact checked by Elio & Linda.

  3. Anonymous

    I believe that grrm has written some of it, and that elio and linda have written the rest based on grrm laying out the general idea.

  4. Heartsbane

    It’s the other way around for most parts, a few parts GRRM wrote. Regardless it all goes through GRRM. Congrats on the reunion.

  5. Kyle

    So if it’s canon in GRRM’s eyes then it’s asoiaf canon. Sounds good to me. Can’t wait!

  6. MarcusQuintus

    I haven’t read the excerpt, but what theory did it disprove?

  7. Shellfish

    Ned’s mother being Skagosi. Turns out she was Lord Rickard’s second cousin.

  8. MarcusQuintus

    wasn’t that confirmed in the family tree?

  9. Catalin

    Where is the dld file?

  10. Kyle

    The download file should be coming later today.

  11. levellersteve

    Good to have all back & in one piece.

  12. Mike

    It was like a Beatles reunion(well except john and george being dead). You don’t care if they flummox the notes some, it’s the overall package that counts. And the manticore porn.

  13. Yong Wolf

    You definitely did owe us an apology, but at the same time I wouldn’t have it any other way. Great to have the crew back.

  14. Ser Pounce

    Fun episode! Great to have all four of you together again, no matter how rusty or awkward or disgusting… 🙂 Really looking forward to more book recaps with the whole group after the GoT season ends.

    And we do miss you, Mimi!

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