Episode 149: The Mountain and the Viper

Episode 149 for the week of June 1st, in which we review the eighth episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We chat about feathered dresses, bash beetles, and launch the Tywin/Viper ship.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. Ashley joins the episode shortly after the introduction.

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  1. new djinn

    The beetles scene had a dual purpose: to show that Tyrion, Mr.”I have a soft spot for cripples bastards and broken things” is as prejudiced as everybody else , and to explain why the Lannister family is ruined by this beetle infestation that ate all the gold of Casterly Rock.

  2. travys

    “Retard?” Really, Ashley. Are you 14?

  3. ash

    pretty sure they didn’t refer to them as the mentally disabled in Westeros.

  4. gaebora

    But you aren’t living in Westeros, are you? 😉

  5. ash

    it was deliberate that i chose an offensive word, not a slip of tongue.

  6. travys

    If your intent was to make some commentary about the treatment of the intellectually disabled in Westeros, you failed.

  7. ash

    meh, well I tried. I still disagree with Kyle’s view that because it’s a hot button issue in our society it means it can’t be addressed is Westeros society. the conversation moved on before i could slip in the point that the scene showed Tyrions hypocrisy as “speaking for the grotesques”.

  8. aryastark7330

    As much as I didn’t care about that speech at all and thought it was dumb – it does make a good point about Tyrion’s hypocrisy.

  9. Pod's Plight

    Yes, lack of empathy for the intellectually challenged can be addressed in fiction but they didn’t even use the R-word in the show. In the same way that you wouldn’t readily use the N-word in your podcast on a show about slavery or civil rights even though it was suitable in that setting, similarly you ought to avoid crass and offensive words as much as possible. It was quite jarring the way you stated it.

  10. travys

    It’s 2014 and you’re old enough to know better.

  11. Jon

    “…the delivery and banter can get quite base at times”

    So lighten up Francis

  12. Joey

    I’m pretty sure that was Lyn Corbray

  13. FTWard

    Listed as Vance Corbray. Made up character.

  14. Travys

    Also, I agree with Amin on Lady Stoneheart – the reveal of UnCat will be of the TBB hanging Freys and her taking off her cloak to reveal her scarred face and neck.

  15. Seymour

    I feel like Pod and Brienne are going to come across Lady Stoneheart this season, moving things along quite quickly

    I felt like there had to be a reason for that scene where Pod and Brienne have two routes to choose from and they end up taking the one towards the Eyrie. To me, the path they took appeared to be visually darker, perhaps symbolising the dangers (BwB and Stoneheart) on that path

  16. jarsh

    To Kyle or Amin – what’s the instrumental song that starts playing at 57:43?

  17. Kyle

    Amin is gonna have to answer this one.

  18. Blood Lad OST, track 9, “Pf-mix”

  19. jarsh

    thanks dudes!

  20. levellersteve

    Yes the beetle dialogue did not go anywhere. If it was to show the brutality of life, still a loser.

  21. Heartsbane

    Nice episode guys, great to have Ashley back in mix

  22. Ben

    You guys mentioned precursors in the podcast. One i particularly enjoyed was the Red Viper saying it doesn’t matter how big an opponent is when they’re on there back. Considering The Mountains position when he grabs the Vipers leg, i did have a little giggle

  23. Estefano

    About lady Stoneheart, i dont think she is showing up this season. I think she will be on when Brienne gets caught, somewhere like season 5 episode 10. For these season last scene i think they got enought whit bloodraven.

  24. Harry

    Yay, good to finally nitpick a little on the podcast. Welcome back, Ashley!

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