Episode 151: The Children

Episode 151 for the week of June 15th, in which we review the tenth episode in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. The first 54 minutes of this episode were partially salvaged from a very poor quality audio recording; we highly recommend jumping straight to the 2nd part of the episode (~54:05).

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  1. aryastark7330

    I’ve only listened to the first 3 minutes and I’m excited. Sometimes I feel like Ashley reads my mind. Bring on the rage :):)

  2. FTWard

    Missed the fanfare but was awesome having some Ashley rage!

  3. Matt

    Very happy you released it. Thanks for the listen!

  4. Joey

    I’m listening right now but I gotta say when leaf is talking them I. The cave I’m pretty sure she said that the wights are being controlled by someone. So we don’t need cold hands to show us there’s wights capable of independent thoughts. We don’t even know if cold hands is capable of independent thoughts it could just be blood raven controlling him

  5. SuperMax

    What is that piano music at the close of the episode?

  6. sillent

    I want to know this as well! a link would be nice if its on youtube or something.

  7. It is from the ASOIAF mod for Warband, not sure where they got it from but uploaded it here:

  8. sillent

    thank you! love this

  9. Closet Romantic

    In defence of Brienne

    She has defeated in order Loras, Jamie and now the Hound although that’s not in the book

    Notice both Jamie and Loras claim that something was unfair but grudgingly admit that she won.

    Despite the circumstances she is like Dunk always just good enough to win.

  10. Salted_Pork

    This one is directed towards Kyle. Tysha is actually brought up multiple times, most recently in season 3 when Tywin dictates to Tyrion that he will marry Sansa he says, “It is about time you got married.” To which Tyrion replies (with the most pissed off look you can imagine) “I was married or don’t you remember?”

    Furthermore I found it a bit ironic that you would, on one hand, defend the show runners for not catering to book readers, while with the other claim that a good reason not to include Tysha would be because it would be too convoluted for show viewers. Essentially advocating the show runners for their catering of show only watchers.

    Still love ya brother….keep up the good work!

  11. I know there were audio issues in this ep, but I think it points out a problem with Amin’s mic’s audio in general. His mic usually sounds much lower than everyone else’s but you can’t hear him at all on this one. Sounds like he’s on only one channel or something (that tin can kind of sound). Please turn your mic up Amin!

  12. Glad you guys mentioned the “Previously On”….I absolutely hate it on GoT and in many HBO shows (The Wire comes to mind). We just mute it as soon as it comes on and look away!

    I also felt Stannis arrival was a underwhelming compared to the books (and would have made SUCHa better ending for Ep 9). I lurked in the viewer only subreddit and thankfully most of them were able to grasp the awesomeness that is Stannis.

  13. aryastark7330

    I know. It doesn’t bother me because I’ve read the books but I wonder what it does for viewers. Like they had the previously on about Jorah getting the letter in season 1 and I was like ‘so obviously he’s getting banished this episode’.

  14. levellersteve

    Actually that is how you guys sound like here at the NSA, so I was use to the sound quality.

  15. mSand

    I’m only a minute in, but I request all future episodes use this audio.

  16. Harry

    Once again, really glad that Ashley is back for these episodes. I think the podcast is at its best when there are different opinions on scenes/episodes/chapters.

  17. Kyle

    Couldn’t agree more Harry.

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