Episode 152: The Rogue Prince

Episode 152 for the week of June 29th, in which we cover The Rogue Prince.  The four podcast hosts provide a spoiler full review and synopsis of George RR Martin’s contribution to the Rogues anthology, discuss Viserys I’s mistakes, and generally agree that Mushroom is a pervy weirdo.

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  1. Lothen

    These novella podcasts seem to always come ou5 with the bes5 quote.

    Joining the pantheon of “Fiddle with his dick” and “the mating habits of rats”, we now have “That bangin’ 12 year old girl”.

    Great cast guys.

  2. NickSnow

    I agree with Ashley and Mimi. I’m starting to like these novellas more than the novels proper XD XD

  3. Kyle

    Almost majored in genetics in college till chemistry kicked my ass…but that’s a story for another day.

    Rhaenyra’s mother and grandfather were Arryns. Laenor’s grandmother was a Baratheon. There are definitely dominant brown eyed genes floating around in that genetic soup somewhere. Likely that 3 kids popped out with those brown eyes and hair….oh hell no. Possible? Yessum.

  4. Jon

    Laenor wasn’t the father. If the real father did not possess any recessive genes for lighter eyes then all of his children would in fact have brown eyes. However, they all however would possess a recessive gene from their mother so they in turn could have children with non brown eyes.

  5. Kienn

    You didn’t think it was about Daemon?

    Re-read it with this assumption: Everyone who dies mysteriously was killed by Daemon (as suggested most of the time by the maester’s listed options).

  6. mimi

    you’re blowing my mind right now.

  7. Jon

    You guys realize that Neil Gaiman has a story in the book too? I would have bought Rogues for him, Abercrombie and Rothfuss even if GRRM hadn’t even had a story in there.

  8. Daniel Dayne

    The full crew! I honestly am not sure if I remember the last PoIaF I listened to that featured the full crew, though I’ve been listening to them out of order too.

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