Episode 153: A Crown of Thorns

Episode 153, for the week of July 13th, in which we continue our reread of A Clash of Kings, covering chapters 65 (Arya X) and 66 (Sansa VIII). We chat about our upcoming attendance at San Diego Comic-Con and other announcements in the aftershow.

Chapter 65 – Arya X (artist: jesicka309) A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, A Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 66 – Sansa VIII (artist: zeyik) A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Notes: The music excerpt at the end of the episode is from Karliene’s composed music. Thank you to Valerie Frankel for sending us the review copy of her written work.

Lothor “Apple-eater” in the A Feast for Crows expansion.



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  1. Floor Acita

    Regarding the Lady Stoneheart (GoT) thing:
    I a) don´t believe it and b) would be really, really angry if they don´t bring her in at some point… And that comes from a viewer of the show (seasons 1-3) first, before reading the books for the first time just last year… Oh would I be angry, oh would I be angry… on the other hand – I was as angry about the missing Tysha mentioning by Jamie -didn´t stop them either 😉

  2. Floor Acita

    cool, commented for the first time and all my questions are in the episode! Love all of you guys! 🙂

  3. Floor Acita

    oh btw its [floor a seat r] = florecita (spanish for little flower)

  4. Lord Littlefinger

    Lady Stoneheart has only appeared twice in the series. The epilogue of SoS and that last Brienne chapter of AFFC.

    Also about George, I don’t think people should say things to him but I think its a valid concern. People have devoted a lot of time his series. As George has said there are fans who have spent more time on the books than he has. So I think really not wanting george to die, or for the fans to die themselves before the series is done is a valid concern. Now there’s nothing to be done about it so people shouldn’t say anything to george, but I can see why they’re worried.

  5. Floor Acita

    was mimi able to escape from Harrenhal..? seems that she is missing somewhere in the Riverlands… again… 🙁

  6. KC

    Gatehouse Ami’s beau at Darry is Ser Harwyn ‘Hardstone’ Plumm. Another great minor character we’ve only heard about but I can’t wait to meet!

  7. Shellfish

    Didn’t Strongboar want to storm her gates as well?

  8. Lord Littlefinger

    Strongboar, Hardstone. I feel like its sooo fucking easy to get a bad ass nick name in Westeros. And then most of the bad asses turn out not to be bad asses.

  9. levellersteve

    If you complete ACOK before WOW comes out, I lost my bet and have to buy dinner for a friend who has more faith in you ability to get your shit together than I have.

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