Episode 155: Comic-Con Casserole

Episode 155 for the week of July 27th, 2014, in which we finally (after three long years!) complete our A Clash of Kings reread by covering the final two chapters of the book: chapters 69 (Jon VIII) and 70 (Bran VII).  We also discuss our experiences at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, detailing our House Manwoody podcast hosts and listeners meetup, learning Dothraki with David J. Peterson, and how awesome it was to finally meet George R.R. Martin (spoiler: he’s the best).

Notes:  Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode contains spoilers for all published books in George R.R. Martin’s ASOIAF series. The excerpt reading at the tail end of the episode from The Second Kind of Loneliness is from Episode 35 of the Bastards of Kingsgrave.


Chapter 69 – Jon VII (artist: Tom 162)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 70 – Bran VII (artist: jeremy)
A Clash of Kings Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. Jeremy

    Great episode!! So glad you met each other and George! I know that you didn’t talk about details of dinner with George since it was all off the record, I really respect that. But is there any chance to get him on the podcast for a formal interview in the future?


  2. FTWard

    Apparently mudita is the opposite of schadenfreude.
    This emotion is new to my tiny black heart but I think that is what I am feeling.


  3. Leigh

    I am literally dying, this is amazing


  4. NickSnow

    Omg, can A Crown of Kings become Canon? Couldn’t Tell is Ashley was being funny on purpose or not, haha XD

    But well done guys on finishing ACOK!

    Are you guys going to move ahead to ASOS, or are you going to do some side episodes as a “recap” breather?


  5. Alias

    t’s finally done! Nice touch with the epic music. :lol:

    Was very fun to hear about your comic con experiences. Those stories of how you all dropped everything and rushed to George’s hotel were hilarious and weirdly heart-warming. :D

    I’ll shamefully admit that I was one of those people that looked ahead to that Bran chapter to ensure their survival. :oops:


  6. levellersteve

    glad thee had a great time. Going to Comic Con & throwing up in an alley is the only way to experience it. Glad the slow march through ACOK is finished. Lots of new insights along with some truly BS notions. Taco’s with GRRM, truly cool!


  7. inkasrain

    Excellent and fantastic :-D


  8. TheDamphair

    Absolutely loved the episode. It was funny, the reread was finished and you guys met GRRM!


  9. rc01

    Really funny episode especially with Amin`s vomit story. Ashley should definitely end every episode. Glad you guys had a fun time meeting George :P


  10. jesicka309

    Well done guys. Six years of hard work paid off with a dinner with GRRM. You guys deserve this.

    And thanks for the name check and the paint project shout out. Really means a lot (and the idea that George has the paint book in his possession that we all worked so damn hard on makes me so damn proud of this community). It’s really given me the urge to see this thing through to ADOS and ensure there is a picture for every chapter ever written.
    :) So happy. Great work.


  11. Jim

    Wow, congrats guys! Really happy to hear about the dinner, well deserved as the penultimate Song of Ice and Fire podcast. As a pre-TV show listener you’ve really come a long way and created an amazing community along the way. To think that I kind of ignored the episode for a while since I thought it was going to be just another boring con description.

    Keep up the good work!


  12. uflGator1

    Congrats to House Manwoody! This was a great episode. Lots of laughs and great stories from comicon. It’s awesome that GRRM now has a copy of the art book too. I’ll be sure to put in some images of my own in the next art book.

    Now that you are done with book 2, are you going to move right on to book 3 or do some other topics in between? A discussion of the Meereenese Blot would be interesting. The latest essay series is called ‘Water Gardens and Blood Oranges’. Sounds like it would make for a good house manwoody discussion. Just an idea though.

    Keep up the great work!


  13. Linecom1

    hey guys i finally got through about half of this episode and am SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! the first time i ever recorded with yall i made it a point to express how much I wished your work was more recognized in the asoiaf community. i think it came off as me being a hipster snob and insulting toward other, more newer, GOTs-related podcasts, but that was not my intention. The heart of what i wanted to express was that I loved everything that i have experienced about the asoiaf world, and a big part of that was your podcasts. to me, a big part of media/artistic consumption is the ‘digestion’ and ‘conversation with peers’ regarding whichever work of creativity was just consumed, and the truth is that you all have provided that outlet to many of us who did not have access to it at the time.

    Whatever was said between y’all and grrm is between yall and grrm (and between my under the table harrassment of mimi to spill her guts off the record). I’m just happy and proud that House Manwoody is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and George is coming to see this wonderful offshoot of his community, and the great people who lead it.

    yes its easy to mock the artbook as ‘stupid’ or self deprecate your previoius episodes as something you should apologize for, but let’s not forget the podcast does not only represent the current hosts and previous hosts, it also represents all the fans who laughed at a mimi joke while riding the subway, learned something from amin or ashley while jogging, or smiled at kyle’s charm and professionalism while doing chores; all with the podcast on in the background.



  14. Jon

    I had a friend at the SDCC for the first time ever who was sending me pictures constantly so I was looking forward to this podcast all weekend. I am genuinely experiencing inner turmoil every time someone interrupts me here at work this morning.


  15. josephus

    great episode guys, the best ones are always when all the hosts are together. and congratulations on meeting George and scoring dinner with him. it must have been an incredibly awesome and validating experience for you after all the time and effort you’ve put into making the podcast what it is. i have less than nothing to do with your accomplishments yet i felt extremely proud of you after hearing about your comic con experience.


  16. Lex

    Awesome episode! It’s great to hear about you guys meeting up, and finally getting your moment with George. That’s so cool that you had dinner with him! I also enjoyed Amin’s food poisoning, and I feel Ashley’s pain.


  17. AKladybird

    A comment on the winged snake that Summer/Bran sees. When Bran is in Summer in an earlier chapter and he is locked in the godswood with Shaggy Dog he describes part of the iron gate as a snake also. So the winged snake is probably a column of smoke or perhaps a floating burning banner. I’d love to be wrong though, because a dragon rising out of burning Winterfell would be awesome.

    Love you guys, so cool that you got to meet George :)


  18. JGClark

    Another great episode! A comment on the Bran chapter. It seems you skipped over an important point: it’s in this chapter that we receive confirmation that it was during this period that he reached out to Jon and opened his third eye. (Before reading this chapter, given Brans time traveling abilities via treenet, that moment could have potentially been much later.) This is a significant revelation in that it shows some of Brans abilities, and also significantly empowers Jon.


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