Episode 157: Guys Night In III

Episode 157, for the week of of September 21st, 2014, in which the guys hold down the fort while Mimi crosses the not so narrow sea and Ashley prepares for winter. We are joined by Aziz from the History of Westeros podcast. We chat about a variety of podcast news and cover chapters 2 (Jaime I) and 3 (Catelyn I) of A Storm of Swords.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode contains spoilers for all published books in George R.R. Martin’s ASOIAF series. This episode was rescued from the darkling plain: the main audio quality issues subside after a few minutes in, but there are times where the conversation jumps a bit. A Hymn for Spring is not available for preorder yet, the link will be posted here when it is.


Chapter 2 – Jaime I (artist: brynden)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 3 – Bran VII (artist: linecom1)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. מ־ס

    according to the scientific data –
    – welsh is far from dying.

  2. Man, TWOIAF sounds awesome. I love the idea of the audiobook breaking up during the Summerhall chapter. 🙂

    The girl Jaime sees definitely wasn’t Arya. She, Gendry and Hot Pie would only have just exited Harrenhal at this point.

    On VOK, we performed a dramatic reading of Arya I (including sound effects). Here’s a link, if anyone fancies a different way of reading next episode’s chapter: http://vokpodcast.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/vok-119-full-castle-recording-savage-dreams/

  3. gaebora

    What’s the music at the end of the episode?

  4. Matheus

    This was an great episode, Aziz was a great addition, I hope you guys invite him more often. Beautiful music at the end also.

    Thank you!

  5. Kyle

    I agree. Aziz was a great addition. He had lots to say and added tons to the conversation.

    Thank man!

  6. Vladimir

    Orel is slav (rusian, ukranian, cheh, polish, serb, croatian, macedonian) word for Eagle.

  7. Annara Snow

    Well… close enough. In Serbian/Croatian it’s actually “orao”, which is no doubt derived from “orel”, since “l” after a vowel tends to mutate into “o”.

  8. uflGator1

    Just started listening. Great discussion so far. As for WoIaF being the only fantasy book to include things like inkspills, false lacunae, etc., Don Quixote did that too. It is also a false history that includes multiple fake historians and translators who argue with the interpretations of their predecessors as they tell the story. Some of the breaks in the action occur at very inopportune times in the story as well (ie Summerhall, or Don Quixote fighting a dragon which is really a leaking barrel of wine).

  9. The Amyrlin Seat

    This is one of the BEST episodes to date!…I love Westeros History and I hope Aziz in invited again very soon…

  10. Kyle


  11. Linecom1

    great episode. my stick figure drawing is so sophisticated! lol. great guest. ive listened to a few HoW episodes and I’ll be sure to check them out more.

  12. Colty

    Is it just me or is there a lot of weird jump cuts in the episode? Maybe my iphone was screwing up, but it seemed like every 10-20 minutes it would jump ahead a few seconds or something.

    Either way great episode! Love Aziz! He never runs out of thins to say about these books. So good

  13. Unfortunately, yes. We lost two recorded files in this episode and the final one had issues, so not a perfect recovery. But at least we saved part of it from the Darkling Plain 🙂

  14. Lord Littlefinger

    I think Cersei actually is likeable once you’ve read Feast a couple times. Similar to Theon once you think about it you realize this person is basically fucked by their up bringing. Everything Cersei does is an attempt to live up to the fucked up lessons of her father. Like Theon she was sold off. Like Theon she has clever ideas but can’t get out of her own way. And the main reason they can’t get out their own was is because they’re incredibly insecure from their shitty up bringing so they think all their actions should be to spite those who don’t pay them their proper respect.

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