Episode 158: The World of Ice and Fire

Episode 158 for the week of October 26th, 2014, which includes a spoiler-full interview with Elio and Linda of Westeros.org, coauthors of the recently released World of Ice and Fire.

The Summerhall scene that didn’t make it into the book

Notes: This episode was recorded earlier to be released on the official release date for the book. Mimi could not make it to the record at the last moment, but all four APOIAF hosts will return in November for Part II to conduct a full review, along with a second interview episode in December. Submit questions here and in the forums for the upcoming episodes.

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  1. FTWard

    Really enjoyed the conversation.
    Look forward to future appearances fro Linda and Elio. Really pleased with the book!

    I don’t think that the Guardians of Order RPG PDF is currently available from Drive Thru RPG.

    Another Flashman reference!

  2. Poe to the Pulps

    Great episode, enjoyed it a lot. Cool to listen to three ASOIAF PhDs talking about the new book.

  3. uflGator1

    Great timing! I needed something to hold me over while I was waiting impatiently for my copy of the book to be delivered to my doorstep. I’ll be sure to ask a question next time. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of them once I read through it a couple times.

  4. FloorAcita

    WAIT … You tell me that the spider who stole the chequy water before catching the chequy lion himself (guess he was Ser Useless afterall) at last caught a golden lion and is Tywin’s grandma? Good for our great hero and his insolent children that she couldn’t find a big enough sack for him, eh?

  5. claudiusthefool

    Great episode. I always love it when Linda and Elio are on. It’s like having two demigods on who were around for the creation of the universe that you can just bounce questions off of.

    Now I’ll have to see if I can find any of these “mistakes” that were corrected in subsequent printings…

  6. levellersteve

    The book is absolutely beautiful. I am going to get some gloves to handle it. Great episode, I want to thank Linda & Elio for the wiki site as it is a “go to” site for me. I hope their hard work is rewarded.

  7. Amberrocks

    Great episode! Elio and Linda are always fun to listen to, and hearing the process of collaboration with George was fascinating. Of course haters gonna hate, but really I hope this turns some people around about E&L’s motives. Clearly they love the work and the world, and I think it’s amazing that people who started out as fans can be a part of it. Can’t wait til the APOIAF crew teams up with George for the next one 😀

  8. Jamie

    This has not shown up yet in my iTunes podcast feed… are you still there? Did you change something?

  9. witless chum

    I haven’t listened yet, but I’m anticipating the Mike Manwoody discussion that must take place.

  10. Bloodraven

    Awesome episode, I only wished that you had asked them how to pronounce Aenys. 😛 This book was like fantasy porn for me, so many tantalizing little hints that left me deeply satisfied.

  11. KC

    Loved this episode. Thanks Elio & Linda!

    I had a query about the Blackwoods….the book says that Black Aly is Benjicot’s sister but you guys said she was his aunt. I cross-checked with the MUSH and that appears to be the case there so has that now been revised? Same with Missy’s relationship to them (Benjicot’s daughter in the MUSH, his granddaugter in this episode).

    Thanks. 🙂

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