Episode 159: Prima Facie

Episode 159 for the week of November 9th, 2014, in which the four podcast hosts share their initial reactions to the recently released World of Ice and Fire. We chat about the possible Winterfell dragon eggs, the Tyrion is a Chimera theory, the variation of the seasons, and the prevalence of Zorses. We draw battle lines over the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Notes: The audio quality for this episode improves after the first 22 minutes. Sorry about the page flips AKA Dolby Surround Sound experience. This is the first of several review episodes planned on the World of Ice and Fire.

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  1. I lost a little respect for this podcast when you trashed the one star reviews. I agree that you ought not criticise a book for being something it isnt but why go out of your way to mock that on your show rather than focus on what you enjoyed? It made it sound like a set up for a hagiographic defense of the book rather than a genuine independent review. I think it would’ve been better served as an after show if at all.

    There are genuine criticisms of the book, about overlapping content, or the success of the conceit, which would’ve been far more interesting to discuss. Engaging with the concerns of the genuine fans rather than giving oxygen to trolls.

    Respectfully, Bina007

  2. Kyle

    The main objective for me reading the 1 star reviews was trying to figure out why. I was trying to determine why people didn’t like the book. Reading the 1 star reviews brought me to the conclusion that most people didn’t like the book because it wasn’t written entirely by Martin. I was hoping to find more explanatory dislikes.

    Also we all loved the book. Usually when when all 4 of us love something we get hate because it ends up sounding like a circle jerk. Reading from people who didn’t like the book injected a bit of another opinion. Perhaps we should have discussed the bad reviews with a more serious tone, but we didn’t.

  3. Ivana

    It’s been mentioned by several people who paid attention to the Amazon.com page (I did not) that a whole bunch of one star reviews appeared on the very day of publication – which is extremely suspicious, since it’s really unlikely that all those people managed to get and read a 300-page book in just a few hours after it was published; and that many of them used the same wording, which is also suspicious.

    There are genuine negative reviews, and then there’s trolling.

  4. uflGator1

    Agreed. I checked the reviews the morning of its release. There was a lot of trolling going on. I have no problem with the podcast making fun of troll reviews.

  5. FloorAcita

    Haven’t commented on that, but now’s the perfect opportunity 🙂 How in the world can 3 of my favorite hosts go with the black dragon? Go fight with Ser Useless in his tower of non-joy and reminisce about your Chequy Water. Maegor (the frickin cruel), son of Visenya had a big ass sword too, but Aegon the Conqueror made good ol’ Aenys (son of Rhaenys) his first heir, right? Daemon is good looking and a great warrior (Robert?), would make sense to give him a sword – but the realm? Dude I wanna have a valyrian blade, I’m not gonna lie, but I go with dornish peppers, their sweet honey & blood oranges any time bro, any time…

  6. FloorAcita

    It’s not lightbringer, and Darkstar is not going to use it – DARKstar, valyrian features, dark (valyrian) blade, Targaryans, fire & blood – light blade, wights (whites?), the Others are pale white, winter (snow), cold, Starks?, Ned brought his sword back. But then again: of the night… 🙂

  7. TheDamphair

    What a great episode! I loved the book.

    And I agree with Amin – Dorne is incredible. If they weren’t already my favourite kingdom, they are now. And now I find myself rooting for them so much even when I know rooting for anyone in this series is a fool’s cause. Sigh!

    And what the hell happened at Summerhall? I feel like they could write a book about just that!

  8. Ivana

    Well, GRRM *will* write a book about it… OK, not a book, but a story – the last Dunk & Egg one, obviously!

  9. TheDamphair

    You are right. ln all my AWIOAF excitement, I totally forgot about Dunk and Egg.

  10. Lady smallfoot

    ” you can use it as a pillow”

    Best review so far.

  11. levellersteve

    There is some real GRRM hate on the Amazon discussion page, so the fact there are a few 1 star is no surprise. I have not even started reading it, just a fast look at the art. Eventually I will head over there and give a well thought out review but already it has surpassed my expectations in regards to overall appearance. Nice to have everyone back.

  12. cleganebowl

    great episode, always nice to have all of you guys together

  13. Bloodraven

    My favorite part was the sound of pages flipping.

  14. MrGamzi

    You don’t read 1 star reviews to see why people dislike the book, you read the 2 or 3 star reviews. This sounded like defending a book by picking out poorly written reviews,

    Focus on reviews that explain how the book is poorly written. You can’t seem to look past your thirst for more information on this world and look at the writing for what it is, which is mediocre at best.

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