Episode 160: The Ice Dragon

Episode 160 for the week of November 23rd, 2014. We provide a review of the recently re-released Ice Dragon, written by George RR Martin and illustrated by Luis Royo. Joined by the usual Martinsphere review group from Bastards of Kingsgrave, we deal with the Ice elephant in the room,  before diving into a spoiler filled discussion.


Notes: Mimi and Ashley will provide their lemon cake reviews in a subsequent episode. For other reviews of Martin’s earlier works, check out the Bastards of Kingsgrave. The video interview from 2006 referred to in the episode is below.



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  1. witless chum

    I think I’m definitely gonna have to jump in and read the proto-ASOIAF. It sounds really pretty, too. The talk about Martin being a romantic writer (like Byron, not Steele) seems tailor made for this one.

    A loyal Manwoody, I.

  2. Linecom1

    Good episode. I really wish you guys would have discussed whether or not you think this story takes place in the ASOIAF universe. maybe next time. also please never have Amber back

  3. uflGator1

    Great episode. I love this short story, but I’ve always been confused by all the different versions out there. I’m pretty sure now that I’ve only read the one that was edited down for kids (although even that version is a little graphic at times).

    I just ordered the new edition after listening. I already have it on audiobook, but the art looks really great so it is worth getting it in print too.

  4. Claudiusthefool

    I wonder if this will allow more of GRRM’s other short works to be released on their own with original artwork. I hope this is the case, as long as the publisher’s don’t try to tie everything into ASOIAF.

    Good luck with the Greeshka…

  5. uflGator1

    Lol. Yeah, the Greeshka would be impossible to draw with a pencil. I could do it in paint though. It’s been a while since I’ve read A Song for Lya, but I remember it as a cave covered in red slime with random body parts sticking out in a few places.

    Maybe the Jojen paste that Bran eats is actually Greeshka. 😯

  6. uflGator1

    Everything is in the ASOIAF universe of you believe hard enough (and ignore common sense). 😉

  7. FTWard

    Really entertaining episode with a great group.

    Look forward to picking up The Ice Dragon this holiday.

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