Episode 162: History of Westeros

Episode 162 for the week of December 1st, in which we start our first of three in-depth episodes covering The World of Ice and Fire. We are joined by Aziz and Ashaya from the History of Westeros videocast and podcast. We chat about Dornish Letter theories, assign one aspect of the Seven to each of the Seven Kingdoms, and given lemoncake ratings for the Targaryen kings.

Notes:  Aziz and Ashaya had to drop out due to internet connection problems 2/3 of the way through. Our podcast store is available for your holiday shopping needs.  The Supreme Court of Westeros is currently looking for more guest judges for 2015. Submit your Christmas Filks on our forums by December 21st  to be included in the third annual ASOIAF Christmas Filk episode.

Last year’s Christmas Filk Episode:

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  1. Lord Littlefinger

    Holiday shopping needs? You forget yourself Amin. There’s is no god but the Lord of Light and your Father Christmas is but a demon who is a thrall of the great other.

  2. Amazon does not discriminate, I’m sure you can purchase your Lord of Light memorabilia there.

  3. uflGator1

    I don’t know if the first dragon was created when a Valyrian banged a wyvern, but, considering the history of insanity in the Targaryens, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them tried to get fresh with one of their own dragons. It’s about the same level of stupidity as drinking a bottle of wildfire to try to transform into a dragon, and it most likely yielded the same result.

  4. FloorAcita

    Man, this episode made me smile…

    Does anyone remember “Episode 37: Interviewing Westeros”, when Mimi Miéville tried to keep the conversation classy, until Amin & Kyle Maddock started talking about ice- and blackwoody?

    Well almost 4years later, while he is not yet there completely, it seems Amin almost goes down the, once by himself called boring, road of a so-called ‘serious podcaster’, while Mimi ‘s like: “screw this – let’s get back to what made this podcast once great: bangin’ & dick jokes!” – I LOVE it!

    Next year, I expect nothing less than a ‘3.01 T the C’-styled episode about all the notable characters from the Dawn Age to at least Jaehaerys II! …Queen (Mother) Alicent Hightower: wife, mistress, one nighter, down the cliff?…

  5. Rasmus

    Awesome Warcraft II music 😀

  6. Anonymous

    The links are not working for the december podcast posts won’t work on website or itunes

  7. levellersteve

    Where’s the Bloodraven Love? No a one mention the lost of the eye yet Brynden sent Bitttersteel fleeing. And no art work of Bloodraven aka Bryden Rivers. And no mention that he was one of the bastards made legit. Okay maybe cause my 2015 cosplay will be Bloodraven in his Night Watch honcho days , not the tree guy Bloodraven, but I really wanted a section on how he went from hand to black cell to wall.

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