Episode 165: Valentine’s Day in Essos

Episode 165 for the week of February 8th, 2015. We are joined by Laura and returning guest host Cosmia to do a sequel of sorts to last year’s all male Valentine’s Day episode. We cover chapter 8 (Jon I) and chapter 9 (Dany I) of A Storm of Swords. We also answer a list of Valentine’s Day themed questions collected from our forums and twitter. In the aftershow, we talk about (spoilers) the recently released copy of GRRM’s 1993 letter outlining his initial ideas and outline for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Notes:ย If you can’t get enough ASOIAF themed Valentine’s Day questions, check out the latest ruling from the Supreme Court of Westeros. Thank you for nominating us for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards. Nomination results will be released on March 1st, at which point we will update on voting information if we make the final slate. For those interested, here is the free Dropbox signup link mentioned at the end of the episode (you may have to install it as well).ย Finally, our CelebVM contest is still ongoing until February 15th, post a comment for this episode or the last one to be entered for a chance to receive a video message from Ian McElhinney.

Valentine’s Day by Vaarsuvius

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  1. FTWard

    Still listening but the Shocking Lack of Batman/Robin knowledge is giving me an aneurysm …

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    A little before 40 minutes in the audio gets very quiet and only one voice is easily heard.

  3. Yes, we lost one recorder during that period, some of the earlier questions are from another record file, should switch back to normal later on in the episode.

  4. uflGator1

    I think what happens is that the audio channels get split up so one person is on the left and everyone else is on the right. If you converted the audio from stereo to mono then it might help to fix the problem.

    Great episode though, Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yes, there were steps that could have been taken to improve the audio but it was only ~10 min of time from that record and not worth the time/effort ratio

  6. Ellums

    That explains it. I listen with one earbud in (work rules), so I only heard one side.

  7. Pod's Plight

    Good show, crew. Just a little bit bummed that Amin ignored some of my forum questions…

    “Who gives the best hand jobs; Qhorin, Davos, Jaime, or Victarion?

    Describe an ideal date in various locations; Winterfell, Dreadfort, Greywater Watch, Kingslanding, Highgarden, Iron Islands, Braavos, Meereen, Kingsgrave, etc.”

    …and also failed to include my ms paint art for Dany I:


  8. For the North! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great podcast guys. Highly chuckleworthy.

    It’d be cool to have Laura and Cosmia as regular guests.

    P.S. Can we get Ian McElhinney on for a FCR? He can play Shagwell! ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Ivana

    So good to see you record podcasts more often! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up like this, it would be great if we had a new one every couple of weeks, at least.

    I think the reason Jon gave Mance for his defection was actually much better in the show than in the book. (One of the very few things the show did better.) He claimed to be disillusioned with the Night’s Watch for letting Craster give his son to the Others, and continuing to be allies with him – which was really understandable, and true to an extent. It’s also true that the NW had forgotten its real purpose, to fight the Others, which Jon implied when he said: “I want to be on the side that fights for the living. Have I come to the right place?” Mance could see that the boy was someone who would want to be heroic and do the right thing. On the other hand, Jon’s explanation in the book is the reason why he joined the NW, but makes little sense as the reason why he would leave them – being a bastard in the NW is not so bad, you can even become Lord Commander.

  10. Ashley

    I think that works for the Mance they portrayed in the show. Jon’s book explanation wouldn’t have the same weight with show Mance and show Jon’s explanation wouldn’t have felt right with book Mance. Book Mance it seemed more like sensing a kindred spirit wanting freedom from the constructs of the social classes. I think he would have found show Jon to be a bit full of himself.

  11. Ivana

    This was supposed to read “sons”, not “son”, of course.

  12. gaebora

    So, what was the super big spoiler, that they would not talk about?

  13. Jack

    I was hoping you guys would talk about the season 5 trailer.

  14. Glenn Moore

    Entertaining episode. I found the “Quarter Tormund” measurement comments to be absolutely hilarious.
    This should become the new standard unit in Westeros.

  15. AKladybird

    Amin & Ashley! Yeah, my 2 favs.
    Few things:
    Per the World book Johanna and Tywin were a happy couple, she could make him laugh.
    Biggest schlong has gotta belong to Hodor (or maybe Dunk)
    Weirdest relationship I’d like to see: Qyburn & Cersei, whoo hoo.

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