Episode 166: Seattle Merlings

Episode 166 for the week of February 15th, in which we hear about Mimi’s recent trip to Seattle. We are joined by recurring guest host Amber, as Mimi dubs her into the Platinum Club™. We cover chapters 10 (Bran I) and 11 (Davos II) of A Storm of Swords.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode contains spoilers for all published books in George R.R. Martin’s ASOIAF series. Congrats to Elle P for winning the draw for the CelebVM contest.

Chapter 10 – Bran I (artist: Dickon Manwoody)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 11 – Davos II (artist: Lex)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. Floor Acita

    Nice episode! Good job Amber!
    And -yeah- Mimi’s back! Good job guys, of course, too – oh I can’t wait to get the “Hymn for Spring” into my hands and somehow I wanna get some Girl Scout Cookies right now… Illyrio has Merling powers, I see… you really should talk more about this theory and maybe you should do a predictions episode in which Kyle could sing every single Patchface quote there is, could be really interesting!

  2. Alias

    I like the way you think.

    Also, this was a lovely listen cast! Amber killed it!

  3. The Real Chris

    I only listen when I am name dropped!

    Theo Chocolate was the chocolate shop btw.

  4. David H

    The McDonalds commercial at the end just made the podcast!

    I’m with Kyle in the notion that it will literally be impossible to avoid book spoilers coming from the show viewers (particularly those who both watch and read), so I’d rather see them happen on the show than hear about them in passing. When major things happen on the show, EVERYONE is going to be talking about it. And while some people will try to keep quiet for a few weeks after the episodes air, there are going to be quite a few years between the show’s finale and the last book’s release. Do you honestly think you’ll be able to avoid any comments at all for as many as five years afterwards? Even if people aren’t being spoilery jerks, they may forget 3 years down the line that you don’t know what happened with Jon Snow and didn’t see that awesome scene where he…..

    And it’s not like George is going to dramatically change the major plot points of the ending at this point — which he’s already told David and Dan. I mean, he’s already 5.5/7 of the way through the series. He isn’t going to decide right now that he now has a better idea for what to do with Aria, even though he’s been building towards something totally different for nearly 20 years. But he might give her a different stop along the way there.

    It will effectively make any conversation about the books impossible. As Kyle said, as much as many things are going to change, the main story beats are not. They’re not going to change what happens with Dany, or Jon Snow or anything big with the Stark kids of Lannister siblings. Jamie may go to Dorne instead of the Riverlands on the show, and Bronn may die there (or not), but if Martin is going to have Jaime end up killing Circe in the books, they’re absolutely going to do that on the show. How can you have any conversation about Circe when one person knows how she dies?

    Think about this podcast. How many times did you guys mention what you know is going to happen to these characters in Dance? What would happen if two of you hadn’t read it? Now, imagine if one of you knew the end. How can he participate in a conversation about Davos if he knew that he was going to ultimately betray Stannis, for a totally made up example? How can you talk about Bran’s feelings for Meera, if only one of you knows that he ends up killing her and eating her as paste?

    I don’t think that it’s fair to be mad at Dave and Dan or HBO at this point for the inevitability of the show finishing before George. After all, at the time that they signed the contracts, both they and he thought that the books would be completed before the show was. George chose to sign those contracts before his series was done. While we can argue whether or not George is “at fault” for getting so far behind, and what part the show has had in that, Dave and Dan and HBO certainly are not at fault.

  5. pendulous.phalli

    I stopped caring about spoilers minor or major. It’s going to be at least ten years before we get an ending to the book series, so I’d rather just know the major plot points sooner than later and enjoy reading the journey to those points whenever the book versions of this story do come out.

  6. Lex

    Good episode! Been a while since I listened. Good to hear Mimi back, and I enjoyed Kyle’s Patchface laugh.

    I think Kyle’s right, it will be impossible (for me, anyway) to avoid spoilers. I will continue watching the show… but I’d still greatly prefer to read the books first, if GRRM can pull it off.

    My prediction for The Winds of Winter is still Spring 2016… although now that that’s only a year away, I’m not so sure…

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