Episode 169: The House of Black and White

Episode 169 for the week of April 19th, in which we review the second episode in the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. This week’s episode combined two different recordings: there may still be one or two incidents of audio skipping remaining in the file

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  1. ASHLEY!!!

    I agree with Kyle – I usually love the show, but this episode just felt really flat.

    Dorne looks great though.

  2. Kyle

    Where the Manwoody?

  3. FTWard


  4. Kyle

    Fuck yeah!

  5. Z

    Re Dany:

    I don’t think the comparison to Ned’s execution works too well. That was an appeal to the short term support of the mob by Joffrey. Here Dany is eschews that. I agree that her hands weren’t totally tied. She could have pronounced death and commuted it with a warning that this would not be the case in the future. That might have made her look weak to the mob, but not if she’d had a dragon on the scene, and that’s the root of her problem. And I think they did a decent job of demonstrating that. It’s framed as a lose lose situation but it wouldn’t be if she had her nuclear option swooping around.

  6. josephus

    i thought the comparison was more that she followed the “rule of law” as ned would have stubbornly in executing mossador

  7. Anonymous

    why is the music world of warcraft?

  8. Kyle

    Hmmm it just sort of got put there in the beginning and stuck.

  9. Yes, we started with and it became tradition. We often use other warcraft based music (include war2) and other gaming music for end themes as well, but the intro stays the same except for some themed episodes.

  10. Casey

    regarding your discussion (disagreement) about whether Danaerys should have executed that man or not. A few of you said that she should have given him a trial to show Meereen that “she is not the law” but that the “law is the law.” I agree with that sentiment, but the problem is that he already confessed to killing the harpy. Hence, there would be no need to a trial. There would have been no more due process that he could have received.

    I agree with Kyle in that Dany had a confessed killer, and if “the law is the law” then he had to die. Maybe she could have done it in such a way as to not inflame all the ex-slaves in Meereen though.

    Just one man’s opinion.


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