Episode 171: Sons of the Harpy

Episode 171 for the week of May 3rd, in which we review the fourth episode in the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We are joined by returning guest host Aziz from History of Westeros.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. 

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  1. Erik

    We do get a sword catching scene in feast for crows.

    “Ser Talbert cast away his broken shield and slashed down with his longsword. Victarion’s own shield had twisted half around when he stumbled. He caught Serry’s blade in an iron fist. Lobstered steel crunched, and a stab of pain made him grunt, yet Victarion held on. “I am quick as well, boy,” he said as he ripped the sword from the knight’s hand and flung it into the sea.

    Ser Talbert’s eyes went wide. “My sword…”

    Victarion caught the lad about the throat with a bloody fist. “Go and get it,” he said, forcing him backwards over the side into the bloodstained waters.

  2. Kyle


  3. Warden of the North

    Thanks for the podcasts!

    You guys should try to get them out sooner- coming out on Saturday puts you behind literally every single other podcast on the subject. And since many people listen to these while commuting, the next episode comes and goes before we get a chance to listen. I still listen bc I am sick in the head, but not everyone who usually does does it.

  4. Kyle

    Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. Thanks for listening!

  5. Thanks for the feedback. We try to get the episodes out early but we have other commitments as well that limit the release date. We don’t mind coming out later than other podcasts, but as you said, it is ideal to make it for the weekday commute.

  6. Claudiusthefool

    As an avid bibliophile myself I would just like to add that I am in no way turned on by parchment. My love for books is completely separate from my love for people.

    I can’t speak for Stannis and Mel’s interest in sexual activity at or around tables.

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