Episode 175: The Gift

Episode 175 for the week of May 24th, in which we review the seventh episode in the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series. 

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  1. Floor Acita

    Even though, I defend a lot of stuff in words, I tend to give them lower ratings at the end… that’s not more than a 3…

    a) even though, I think again, the attempted rape itself is justified/realistic (Stannis just pointed out again how many rapists there are on the wall – and it IS a “brotherhood”), using it as a catalyst for romance is really not the right way to go. I’d loved to see the fat pink mast (well, not actually see him, but), but not in this situation, come on there are not even summer islanders around… Even though we know from the books that Tysha was apparently real, so she really fell in love with Tyrion after he saved her from rape – I think it’s not often discussed/criticized because of the delay between hearing the story and Jaimie’s confession, but it’s a bit problematic…

    b) I find the Tyene/Bronn scene ACTUALLY gratuitous! Why is she giving him the antidote? What’s the point in poisoning him in the first place? Sorry, but where is ANY justification for this scene other than showing her boobies? NOTHING to make sense of it…

    c) the Dorne plot overall, which was already the death of last weeks episode for me – I really, really miss Arianne (which would actually be a pretty good contrast/addition to the female characters), but I also just think almost none of what we see makes sense – everyone seems to have lost 50 IQ points – what is anyone’s actual plan? Missing Genna Lannister for that b***sh*t is really, really disappointing. And, yes of course I miss Dark Star as well – weaned on venom – and the frog also a little (whatever he may not have been, but definitely more than Trystane) – were is the Areo / Arys “fight” – why does Myrcella still have both ears intact? idk just, not for me

  2. Floor Acita

    Cenk Uygur (TYT) also thought it was Brienne 🙂

  3. Floor Acita

    I think the Battle of Ice will happen season. Episode 9, i guess, is “for the watch” and Drogon’s return…

  4. Floor Acita

    season 6

  5. Floor Acita

    George will actually also change his mind about some events, at least. He recently said, that he’s about to do something big, which would not be possible anymore in the show – depends on when the last book comes out 🙂

  6. tasook

    Hi guys,
    Quick question; why are you certain that JS dies at the end of the book? It feels to me that the book leaves it open, which, for me, probably means that he’s probably not dead and that somehow he’ll survive at the last moment? Why end on a cliffhanger if he’s just dead?

    Let me know your thoughts 🙂

    (PS sorry for posting this on the wrong podcast earlier)

  7. Floor Acita

    at the end of the season you mean? He dies definitely at the end of this season, episode 9 I think, just because they wanted to wrap up FeastDance, at least the story lines we’ve seen…

    He’s -definitely- not dead… dead – the question is, -how- does he come back / is safed? I think the biggest theory is a combination of fire(“Dondarrion”)&ice(warging)-magic.

    If Melisandre is not on the wall, that opens up questions, but I believe we definitely get a Jon/Ghost-Moment – if they end up the season on a cliffhanger, or give some hints, we’ll see – hopefully they end up at least the episode on the notion that he really IS dead…

  8. He will die but will not stay dead. We argued about potential ways he comes back in the show (via Melisandre, with or without staying in Ghost temporarily, etc)

  9. tasook

    So, at the end of the chapter in the book, he calls ghost and loses consciousness before the 4th dagger stabs him, yeah? My take on that was that he would probably be severely wounded but Ghost would ultimately save him at the last minute…?

    Too simplistic?

    Anyway, we’ll see!

  10. Floor Acita

    Let’s keep it real, and get back to what I thought, besides the whole Sansa thing, last week. I thought every character lost a couple of IQ points. Of course Amin is right – Littlefinger could just have said, Sansa was up there – again, I believe he would sacrifice her, but why? My first reaction was that he was a little overt anyway, with the whole Warden of the North thing – on the other hand, Cersei just granted it to him, besides calling him nothing but a brothel keeper IN THE SAME SCENE! What I’m curious to know is, didn’t they enter Winterfell openly with Arryn banners/sigils etc.? If word spreads that Sansa is up there – is it really so hard to find out, how she got there?

  11. Ren

    I know you guys were trying to compare the writing, spoilers, issues with the Walking Dead but I think a better comparison would be Full Metal Alchemist. The Walking Dead still has a decent amount of story line before they catch up to the comic books. Full Metal Alchemist on the other hand quickly over took the written material and diverged into another story almost completely. The good part about FMA was that we did get another season of the show that was based entirely on the written material.

  12. Jim Bomb

    The deal Littlefinger makes with Olenna, IMHO is actually also for Olyvar. I think he already knew that Lancel had dimed out Cersei to the High Sparrow, who had been planning Cersei’s arrest for a while. On the other hand, Littlefinger will get Olyvar to recant his testimony against the Tyrells, claiming he had made the accusations under duress from Cersei.

  13. Warden of the North

    The show has been great this year. Big thanks to Mimi for not coming onto the podcast to spew negativity all over it! I’m sure she would even have bad things to say about that amazing sequence in Hardhomme

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