Episode 178: Mother’s Mercy

Episode 178 for the week of June 14th, in which we review the tenth episode in the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: Like almost all episodes of APOIAF, this episode has spoilers for all published books in George RR Martin’s ASOIAF series.

Azor Ahai Reborn by acazigot

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  1. Rafael

    Sansa, Theon, Brienne, Pod and Stannis would be quite fun mash up.

  2. Joey

    My thoughts on the Dorne scenes.

    Doran couldnt of known about the poison. There is no way Trystane would be allowed to go on the ship. Even if Trystane wasn’t on ship. Why would you kill Myrcella just to send the Kingslayer. back home. If your gonna start a war just kill any Lannister thats there.

    As for the ship no turning around I would assume that no one on the ship knows about Myrcella but Jamie. He would probably tell Bronn. But, there is no way he tells any of the Dornish. If you tell the Dornish they would immediately turn the ship around then as soon as Doran knows what happened he would need to keep Jamie hostage or kill him so that what happens doesnt get out to anybody then stage it like the ship went down at sea so Dorne cant be blamed. Then he would more then likely execute the Sand Snakes and Elaria.

    So if I were Jamie I would keep it a secret until you get to Kings landing then take the ship and keep all the crew hostage along with Trystane.

  3. Trystane is going to want to see ‘his love’ sometime before they arrive at King’s Landing.

  4. Floor Acita

    If Jaime has any sense (and he got better in the books also),
    he’ll know that Doran/Trystane are not in on this – why would Trystane be on that ship, if their plan was to kill her, especially while still on the ship? It’s more likely that, even if it could be hidden from Trystane (what I also don’t believe btw), Jaime would turn the ship around and consult with Doran, maybe even bring Ellaria’s head back to King’s Landing etc.
    Of course it was a Martell ship anyway (sails + why would the Lannisters have a ship there at that point that we’d not heard of before)

    The whole plan’s just stupid, Ellaria could’ve killed Ellaria for a while now and if she’d killed Tommen instead, the next king or queen after Myrcella would’ve been a Martell… plenty of time to avenge Oberyn/Elia and bring justice to the Lannisters…

    The only reason to kill Myrcella is for blood magic to resurrect both Arianne and the Frog, but…

  5. Kurt_eh

    I kept expecting to see Fezzik at the bottom of the curtain wall…

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